December 10th, 2014



I am half-stressed about Christmas, but only because I've mislaid half my motivation.

I just finished Christmas shopping for my brother and his wife, and all I have left is to check the balance of presents for my kids, and see if I have enough stocking stuffers and I am DONE. Oh, and maybe one more thing for Anders...though I probably have too much already and he, poor guy, doesn't know what to get me, since I have a very short wishlist this year, and practically everything on it has to be ordered from the US, which is not usually his forte when it comes to Christmas present shopping. He's more the wait-until-Dec-22-and-panic kind of guy.

The house is half-decorated, thanks to Martin and Karin and her boyfriend Alex, who she put to work this evening. There are still several things to put up, but I'll worry about that this weekend...when we get the tree. The tree always takes forever to decorate, because it's huge and we have so many tree decorations. SO. MANY.

Karin asked if we were getting a smaller tree for the playroom this year (I still call it the playroom, even though it's supposed to be the family room now, because guess what goes on there, still? PLAY. Games. At least the ones that come with a screen and a console). I said I didn't know. Maybe not. Did she care? I'm not sure, because I can't remember what her answer was. Blocked it out, most likely.

She's going to be gone this weekend anyway, going up north with Alex and his brother and his mom and HER boyfriend to an island off the coast near Karlskrona, so she won't be here to help pick out a tree anyway. You can be sure I'll make her pay for it by giving her the bulk of the tree-decorating work when she gets home!

I haven't started cookies or cards or my annual holiday letter and those are the things I am feeling least motivated about. Even though I have already received our FIRST holiday card from someone who obviously has motivation to spare (thank you ozswede!).

My office is decorated. thanks to my 2 officemates, who hung advent stars all over it while I was gone last week. Very festive!

Tomorrow is the AWC julbord dinner and Friday morning I am going to Karin's school to watch her perform in their Lucia concert for the students because I'm missing the show for the parents which is Thursday night, and Friday evening is our work Christmas party which I am sort of dreading. The weather, which was sunny and clear and crisp for days (days spent mostly indoors working) turned ugly overnight and now it's freezing and raining and blowing and sleeting, and it's supposed to get worse by Friday. No actual snow yet, just the threat of it.

This weekend, in addition to tree-chopping and decorating, I am supposed to be interviewed by an old blog friend (old as in how long we've been blog friends, no reflection on either of our ages, ahem) for his podcast series. I will let you know when/if it goes up...he may find I am much more boring than he suspects.

I only have a week and a half left of work and then 2.5 weeks off. Now THAT I'm not half-anything'd about. Bring it on!
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