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Sometimes, when I don't know what to write about, I just start typing and the words flow, at least to a certain extent, often with stops and starts and deletes and re-writes, but at least I end up with a journal entry. Sometimes, when I don't know what to write about I think back over the day and remember something amusing that happened or something funny someone said, or something beautiful that I saw and that is enough to get me started. Sometimes, especially when I'm not feeling well, nothing works, and I'm left staring at the screen, thinking, "I got nothing."

It's not that it's harder to write for an audience, it's that things take on a disproportionate importance when I'm weighing their worth for public consumption. I'm convinced that talking about the miniutiae of my life is no fun for anyone, and even though my journal acts as a sort of life-record I have no intention of ever simply listing the things I did each day or the things I have to do and leaving it at that.

I want to write about the kinds of things that I want to read about.

I'm in the middle of The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory who also wrote The Other Boleyn Girl, and I cannot put it down for long. It's haunting, her writing, and the stories she's chosen to write about from a perspective that brings them to life, makes them seem as if they are happening NOW, makes you wish you didn't know the ending.

Anders and I watched The Terminal last night. We sat through the entire thing with pretty much expressionless faces, although I did comment at one point that leaving mascara off of Catherine Zeta Jones in order to try and play down her looks wasn't really a winning strategy. I thought Tom Hanks did a credible job in his part, but the whole premise that the official in the film could be so colossally petty and mean-minded struck me as bizarre. Even though it was based on a true story, it was so Hollywoodized as to be unrecognizable and I found it to be trite, obvious and pretty much pointless. When the credits were rolling, I boggled at the fact that it was a Steven Spielberg film and then turned to Anders and said, "Not so much" and he agreed. Tom, after this and the execrable mess that was The Ladykillers I'm really hoping for better next time I bother to spend a couple of hours with you.

Cracking Me Up: The Sitcoms of Our Lives
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I could have written that paragraph about The Terminal. Actually, I made through only about the first half, so I missed that it was a Spielberg film. Disappointing.

I believe Tom is to star in The Da Vinci Code. Bet you can't wait for that one :)

Your journal is always a good read, even if you have "nothing to write about". But I also recognise the feeling either that everything you want to write about seems trivial, especially when friends are going through emotionally tough times, or that what is going on around your own life is something you don't want to talk about either. If only we could write the way our favourite authors write! Having been sorely disappointed in the firsat two books I read this year, I'm having that unputdownable feeling with Bill Bryson's Down Under.

I came across a site today that might crack you up - have a look at Waiter Rant. His "Trojan Man" from yesterday had me crying with laughter.

Waiter Rant is hysterical! Thank you so much for that link!

It's an outstanding blog - a real keeper. I so admire people who can be snarky in such a deadpan manner.

ooh! thanks :) new sites! have you taken a gander at Faster Than Kudzu

I'm no writer, I make no bones about it. I guess the best way to put is that I'm a diarist ;-)

I have the utmost respect for writers, of which I consider you one.

I'm no writer, I make no bones about it. I guess the best way to put is that I'm a diarist ;-)

Me neither and me too.

I have the utmost respect for writers, of which I consider you one.

Hear hear!!!! I second that motion.


When did you add the cigarette?! bwahahahaha!!


Wow. You're a harsher critic than I am. Maybe it's that European sensibility :-)

Chuck S

I'm definitely a harsher critic than most people :)

I was 'subjected' to the pile of trite that is 'The Terminal' on the way to the States in November. It's such a crap result from a decent original story. Why do they feel the need to 'romanticize' everything? And follow some 'standard plot line' as if we're all too stupid to get anything other than 'one bad guy', 'romantic motives', or some 'lifelong dream'. *argh* It annoys me no end. I NEVER would've watched it if I weren't stuck on a plane with it on. I'd heard it was trash.

*hughughug* You're writing inspires me to better my own (even if I don't actually do anything to better it.) I love your entries. :) They're so full of warmth and heart. *BIG HUG*

I read The Other Boleyn Girl and enjoyed it. The secret stories behind the stories. I think I will put The Queens' Fool on hold at the library. Thanks!

I thought the first 45 minutes of the Terminal was good, but the rest? Meh.

You write very well so I think that you have nothing to worry about because even if you write about taking your garbage bags outside I am sure that you will have a captivated audience. Sometimes when really major things are going on in the world or one of my friends is going through a very difficult time I sometimes find it difficult to write about things that may seem trivial. I have to keep in mind however that this is MY journal and if I want to write about Salmon salad spread I will, and I did!

:) I know what you mean and it's true sometimes I think my little life is very trivial, especially when I have friends undergoing major crises. Thanks for the words of encouragement, and once again YUM for salmon spread!!

Another thought for you. Sometimes those friends undergoing major crises want a little escape from their own lives and all they have to deal with. Reading about what happened in Liz's world today may just be the little bit of respite they needed that day.

:) thanks for that :)

I'm glad I now know not to rent that movie. :)

Honestly, whatever you write is always worth a read to me! I love how you describe your drive home from work, and it always makes me think I should try it myself. And I love it when parents share those special moments with their kids, like you do - I'm just a 'story girl', I think.

I've meant to try out Philippa Gregory - definitely will put it on my list!

the ladtkillers was really bad, wasn't it. ugh. although the Terminal worked well enough for a "recovering from a seizure - need mindless entertainment" film.

lizardek the writing woman

For my part-- I think you are amazing in your consistent writing and its variety ---- I think you are a wonderful writer and am inspired by your ability to produce every single day (and am addicted to it-- so no stopping for you! *smile*) ~bluepoppy

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