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Anders and the kids are leaving extremely early tomorrow for their annual father-kid ski trip up north in the mountains of Sweden. They're picking up Anders' best friend Mats, along with his son Viktor, on the way and they'll be gone for 8 days. It's going to be SO QUIET around these parts. What will I do without Karin jumping up and down on my head, wrestling me to the ground, giving me backrubs and telling me I'm the best? What will I do without Martin reading me terrible jokes from his new 2001 Jokes & Riddles book that my mom sent him, giggling every time I tickle him, laughing at him getting all cocky playing games of Crazy Eights and shitgubbe? What will I do without being able to talk over the day with Anders, tag-teaming the kids, telling me I love you each night without which I have a hard time falling asleep?

Oh...I think I'll manage. :D

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You win! I am SO jealous! As the fifth of six kids, I made up the saying in our family that when you get the house to yourself, you win.

I am also so tickled to be the link of the day!

Yes I think you will manage, but you might have to get used to them again once they return!

I could send the famous Lambi to come keep you company. Just wear that snuggly green top and she will be your constant friend :)

Enjoy the me time. I think you really deserve it and the welcome home will be all the more wonderful after a break away from each other.

Of course you'll manage :) I hope you have some good books awaiting?

Yep! I'm already in the middle of The Birth of Venus :)


Glad to see you're back up! Enjoy all that ALONE time! ~Marilyn, Island Fever

You could paint that art table in the garage. ;P
OR you could sleep in, read a good book and pamper yourself.

However, the business of a family life sound wonderful...bad jokes, giggles, backrubs, being jumped on, being told your the best and that you're loved...all good stuff.

You could paint that art table in the garage. ;P

Pbbbbbbb!! :D :P ain't happening. nope :D

Mmm, sleep and books and creative time and books and sleep!

I was looking forward to a long, lazy weekend off, myself, until eldest local nephew called to ask if Fred and I will come to his birthday supper tonight, and oh, btw, the kids' orchestra concerts are this afternoon and can we come? and my eldest sister emailed to say that she's in Boston, and if that spare bed is still free, she'll see me Tuesday night, which is cool, but panic time, because the apartment is still filled with crap treasures from the storage locker we're trying to empty out and you can't see the kitchen floor let alone the table and let's not even talk about what I laughingly call my living room, so every free moment between now and then will have to go into cleaning...

And I wouldn't pass up any of it because family is just the best...but the thought of all that missed laziness makes me quite envious of your week. Enjoy! ;-)

oh, poor you! I think I would have rebelled a bit! Hope you can find some downtime soon. I actually have been pretty busy for being a lazy bum, but that's okay, I still got to sleep in TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Woot is right! >:D

Oh, not to worry -- you know I love those nieces and neffers! ;-)

Speaking of whom, their concerts this afternoon were excellent. The younger kids play in a group made up almost entirely of strings (no woodwinds, brass, or percussion), and we thought they sounded extremely good for their age bracket. But we were completely wowed by the second concert -- the eldest neffer (who turned 15 this weekend) is in a full orchestra, of roughly high school age kids, and they were simply amazing. Fred and I sat there with our eyes closed, soaking in the music, because honestly, they sounded like a professional, adult orchestra. They did (amongst other pieces) the Mars and Jupiter movements from Holst's The Planets, and we were totally blown away.

That was definitely worth giving up a chunk of the long weekend. ;-)

Cheers on double days of sleeping in, though!

Lizardek goes all Tom Cruise

Heee heee I picture you dancing around the house in your underwear with sunglasses on ala Tom Cruise in Risky Business. ~bluepoppy

Re: Lizardek goes all Tom Cruise

That's only the half of it! muahahahaha!

I added you to my friend list. You use to be on my other journal that I recently deleted, so I wanted to put you back on :)

hi and welcome :) what journal was that?

oh wait, I think I figured it out :) nice to see you again!

I have the Quaker "Lulabird" that I obsess about :)

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