August 9th, 2015

life is good


There is only one week left of summer vacation for the kids and oh my god I can't wait until they're back into regular routines again. No more sleeping until noon, no more playing games all damn day, back to real life! Is it evil of me to be glad that school is starting? I really wish both kids had gotten summer jobs this summer, I feel like it would have made a big difference.

Pretty soon we have to start getting serious about Martin's future: college applications, scholarship searches, financial aid research...aagh! I can't believe he's going to be 18 so soon. I can't believe this is his senior year! I can't believe that, if he gets into college in Canada or the US like he wants, that he'll be gone in a year. I can't believe life as we know it will be coming to an end so soon. I DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE THAT.

Well, we'll see. After all, he has to apply first. And get accepted. And figure out how to pay for it. Maybe he'll still be at home next year. Maybe he'll NEVER MOVE OUT.

I don't know which to be more freaked out about. Haaa!

It's been a lovely sluggy weekend. The weather has been nice and Anders finished the mountain bike he built. He went immediately to try it out on a new mountain bike track at Skryllegården and promptly broke the chain, so he's back at it in the garage. Last night the whole family went to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. It's the first time in ages we've been to see a movie together as a family. I liked it, which surprised me, but Anders fell asleep twice! Hard to believe, watching Tom Cruise hang from the side of that airplane and dash around London like a teenager that he is the same age as my husband. Martin says he no longer believes they are impossible missions and that they should change the name of the franchise. There was a trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and now I want to go see that.

Today has been really relaxing: sleeping in (the kids weren't the only ones, haha), lunch, some cleaning. I've sorted through all the bins that hold winter accessories and piled everything on the laundry room counter: gloves, scarves, hats, shoes. Sometimes I wish I could just purge things without having to ask everyone what they want to keep. The house would be much less cluttered if I could just throw away everything I think is unnecessary.

Anders and the kids went shopping this afternoon. I wasn't allowed to go. :D They are at the grocery store getting something for dinner now and I am hanging out on the porch, watching the butterflies and the breeze and reading the end of my book.
Tomorrow most of my team is back from vacation and I sincerely hope that means more to do.

Haha! I just turned on Spotify to listen to music and one of the kids is online, which means a spotify war. I started playing Katie Melua and someone keeps changing to Bajs i Bastun (Poop in the Sauna). Heee!

Happy Sunday!