September 12th, 2015



I/We have survived two weeks of Anders' being gone. Even the yard, which he mowed the evening before he left and again, this morning the day after he returned. Huzzah for not having to break down and mow it myself!

Martin and I had an argument yesterday over how many times I cooked last week while Anders was away. I stood fast at 5 times; he was certain it was only 4 (we won't talk about the week before). In my defense, two of the weeknights last week were given over to parent/teacher meetings at their respective schools. Or rather 1.5 because the first one, on Wednesday, at 5:30 at Martin's school, turned out not to be for his class at all. "Why did I get an invitation, then?" I asked the IB coordinator, who just looked at me. GAH. So that was a waste of part of the evening, plus parking.

Then, Karin's school made up for it by being TWO HOURS long on Thursday night. Her school is huge, the biggest high school in Sweden, but very nice, at least what I saw of it. She was sick 3 days of last week, and the one thing I took away from the evening was that she was scheduled for a math test on Friday. But she was on top of it, and she's well enough today to go play her soccer match AND do her first practice driving hour with Anders, so. All good.

Work is crazy busy, but I am managing. My boss goes on maternity leave at the beginning of November, and she has asked me to take over a few things...mostly handling our weekly team meeting and our quarterly meetings with the agency, plus being the approver on layouts and image purchases. Her backup is someone I've worked with for a long time (who has a new manager role) so I don't anticipate any major issues. I'm going to take a course in November, which she finally gave me the go-ahead for...a class on being a leader when you're not the boss, which I've wanted to take for quite awhile. It's a 2-day class during busy time, so eek, but still. Finally!

I'm tired of nagging my kids to do things. I wish they'd just do them themselves without having to be told, reminded, nagged, etc. GAH. I know it's not a realistic desire. They're KIDS, after all. And I know this will pass, but double GAH. So tired of it.

"Here you go" is the phrase I type the most. I must write it 100 times a day at work, every time I send an answer email or reply to a job request. It's my signature.

I had heard some time ago that there was a BBC production done years ago based on a favorite children's book of mine: Swallows & Amazons by Arthur Ransome. I convinced Martin to find and watch it with me last weekend but alas, we didn't even make it past the 20-minute mark, it was that bad (done in 1974, obviously non-professional cast, good lord where did they FIND those children??). Bummer. Oh well, I can always re-read the books, right? I found those books when I was an adult, actually; I never read them when I was young myself. And yet, still so good.

It's nice out. I should go for a walk. Toodles!
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