January 21st, 2016



Oh hi there! Here I am with nothing to say. Okay, I have something to say...let's see if I can dig it out of the inner recesses of my brain.

It's beautiful here today, but OMG so cold. It was -9C when I left for work this morning and despite the fact that sun was shining and the entire sky was this pale, translucent pinky lavender blue all day long it was FREEZING. With a capital BRRRR. The fog was laying low over the fields all last night which meant that this morning everything was covered in inches-long hoarfrost. And because the sun was shining it was sparkling like diamonds EVERYWHERE.


I want so bad to go out and take pictures, but guess what? Sparkles don't really translate well to photos. All my winter and hoarfrost photos are always monochrome white and blue. Boring. Maybe I should go out and take videos. I will try, though I was told tonight that it is supposed to warm up this weekend which means everything will melt and all the diamond sparkles will disappear. So sad. Also, I am pretty much inside all day and by the time I get out of work, the sun is starting to go down and the fog is starting to wisp across the fields and it's too bloody cold to stand around outside snapping pictures while your fingers freeze, especially if you ony have an iPhone because then you can't wear gloves because it has to have contact with your FROZEN FINGERTIPS. Stupid iPhones.

You know, we have at least 3 digital cameras around here somewhere. I wonder if I tried to sell them, if anyone would buy them. We can't sell the Wii for love or money...I bet digital cameras are the same thing. Everyone wants iPhones and Xboxes. Poor worthless Wiis. Maybe they'll be like vinyl albums someday, though: making a comeback and being all valuable! Says every hoarder ever. (ssshhh...pay no attention to the shelf of record albums behind me)

Did I say whatever it was I had to say? Who knows? Who cares? EVERYTHING IS COVERED IN SPARKLES AND DIAMONDS.