January 23rd, 2016



Trying to find a dinner date that works for 6 people is like herding cats. Of all suggested dates, there is always at least one person who can't do it that night.

We're kid-free tonight...both Martin and Karin are staying over with (different) friends in Lund. Anders is watching a movie (I might go join him) and I am working on my recipe book, listening to my Spotify playlist, and eating a small portion of chips and dip. Saturday night multi-tasking! I was pretty much a slug all day. I didn't do a damn thing except shower, play iPad games, read, nap, eat and drive Karin to the bus stop. I figure a good slug weekend is in order considering the week ahead:

Monday: Work (2 meetings), Weightwatchers
Tuesday: Work (1 meeting), massage, dinner with AWC President, AWC monthly meeting
Wednesday: Work (2 meetings), goodbye fika for team member
Thursday: all-day Creative Seminar, choir
Friday: 2/3-day Corporate Marketing Kick-off, jewelry & accessories swap/shop
Saturday: Turandot at Malmö Opera

I am up to the desserts section in my recipe book... that is, I have reached the dessert recipes in my clip book that I am transferring into the recipe book. I still have a huge pile of recipes to go through and a post-it note where I keep writing down things I think of that aren't in any recipe book. SO MANY RECIPES. How many pages is too many pages for a book of supposed family favorites? Lots of the recipes are ones that I grew up loving from my mom and dad, but that I haven't made myself. Sad. I think once I am done with this (or before), I will start cooking through all the recipes and see if MY family likes them, too.

I hope you are having a relaxing slug weekend, too. Or if not that you are being a super-productive busy bee! Or if not, that you are enjoying some combination of both! :P
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