February 3rd, 2016



I don't know if every company in Sweden offers their employees health check-ups, but ours does. They're every other year, fully covered by insurance. You can opt to take a stress test, in addition to the regular tests, and you get to see a doctor to consult about your results afterward.

My follow-up was today, and according to my results, I'm a very healthy horse. They checked hearing and sight, lung function, did an EKG, checked pulse, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney function, liver, metabolism and hemoglobin. Of course, they measure your weight and height, too.

The last time I had my check-up, I was told I was 158 centimeters, which was THREE centimeters taller than what I was told when I got my driver's license. And THIS time, I was 159. ANOTHER centimeter taller! What's up with that? I thought you were supposed to shrink as you age! Of course, a centimeter is only 0.39 inches, so altogether I am only an inch and a half taller than I thought I was, but still. An inch and a half! I could practically play basketball! :D

My weight, however, is another matter...we had the usual discussion with lots of "I know, I know" tacked on the end, but when I told the doctor that I've lost nearly 12 kilos since mid-September she was pretty impressed. I feel like I'm crawling down this current kilo, though. GAH. So slow. Can't imagine why, with all the birthday lunches and dinners out and seminar meals these past weeks. *sigh*

Still going in the right direction, at least, if not at a gallop. And nothing else to worry about, which is comforting!