March 21st, 2016



Spring spring spring! Everyone is posting about spring! AT'CHOO! RUB RUB RUB....augh, my itchy eyes! Spring: pffooey. Allergy season, more like. It gets worse every year, which bums me out because I AM excited about spring. Can we skip to the part where my eyes stop itching?

haha! Anyway. It's Easter break and the kids are off school, despite the fact that they were off school for a week just 3 weeks ago. Spoiled rotten, that's what. Karin is off for the second night to stay with friends in Lund. She's flying the coop more and more. Martin is still home, however. Sometimes I don't know whether to be relieved or worried about that...

I went to see Billy Elliot in Malmö on Friday with Debbie & Camilla. We ate at a great little tapas restaurant first. The musical was really fun and all the kids in it did a fantastic job. I saw the movie a million years ago, and remembered basically nothing except the main character's triumph over prejudice. There was so much more to it, though!

And on Saturday, my choir sang in our first concert to celebrate Earth Hour in Eslöv. Eslöv is kind of a joke down here in southern's been voted the most boring town in Sweden. But the county government the last several years has been doing a bang-up job of organizing all kinds of cultural stuff: shows and lectures and fairs and you name it. So the Earth Hour concert took place in Trollsjöparken in a big open rotunda. We sang a few songs by ourselves and several with a local band, and beforehand there was a torch-lit procession from the center of town (with a TON of people) led by a drums corp, and then a couple of fire dancers. We didn't get to walk in the procession as we were having a sound check and warming up, but we heard them when they arrived. :)

Anders and the kids came and watched and said we were really good. It was quite hard to hear ourselves or even the band, as the acoustics for us along the stage wall were terrible, but we managed. Since it was open-air, it was quite cold, so we were all bundled up in our winter coats and boots with bright scarves and hats on.

Right before Earth Hour started at 8:30 we prepared for our last song (John Lennon's Imagine) and they turned all the lights out...eek! PITCH BLACK! Couldn't see our music! Several choir members whipped out their mobiles and turned on their flashlights: saved by technology! (if not, exactly, electricity) We sang Walking in Memphis and Martin told me he got got chills (in a good way), which I think is quite a good review from a teenager!

This is my buds Helen and Gunilla and I before the concert started:

It was so fun! I'm bummed that we have Easter break for choir, too. And for WW! What gives?? I'm back down nearly half a kilo even though I feel like I've been eating everything in sight this past week.

We're having Easter Eve dinner here with Anders' family (or at his mom's, depending). I'm wondering if I can get the kids to color eggs this year...what do you think? IF Karin is at home, and IF I can tempt Martin and IF we even have eggs...

We still are a 1-car word on when my car will be done. I've asked Anders to call them again tomorrow. It's killing me, not having wheels. They told us it would take a week, and now we're into the second one. UGH.

Hey! Did I tell you that Karin's been offered a film part? With dialog? She signed up for, a site for aspiring actors and extras and sent in an interest inquiry on a film she found right away. She was called for an audition last week on Monday, and on Friday they wrote and offered her a speaking part (she auditioned for that and for the lead, which is non-speaking, only voiceover, but that was offered to someone else). First audition, boom! It's a graduate student exam production, so she won't get paid, but it will be good experience for going forward if she wants to try for more parts.

We're making slow progress on Martin's graduation party too, but more on that later. I have to go take some allergy meds and eyedrops before I pop my eyeballs by rubbing them too hard.