May 1st, 2016



Happy first of May! It's a holiday here, but it doesn't count when it falls on a weekend. Yesterday was Walpurgis Eve (Beltane Eve) and we celebrated with our friends Mats & Annelott at their annual bonfre. It was a smallish crowd...only 12 adults and almost none of the usual kids. Neither Martin nor Karin came with and Mats and Annelott's son Viktor wasn't there either. Karin and Viktor were out with their respective friends partying, and Martin was home studying.

He has been studying like a maniac the past couple of weeks. His exams start tomorrow. 15 exams in 11 days. Then? He's DONE. Except for the long wait for the grades and his diploma, which he won't get until after July sometime. Oh, and graduation, which is coming up faster than I'm ready for.

We went suit shopping today and I'm beginning to feel like my wallet is hemorrhaging money. Thankfully, Martin caved in on the tuxedo issue (he was insisting that a tuxedo was necessary dress code for senior prom). We found a really nice, slim classic black suit and basic dress shoes. He chose a classic black bowtie to use for prom, and a stylish light blue tie for graduation.

2 more things checked off my list, yay! (ignore the green and red tags)

This weekend has been a busy one. I cleaned out the fish tank, went through the fish stuff, tossed a bunch of old crap and got it ready to put into storage. I'm not selling it right now on the off chance that one of the kids will want the aquarium at some point. If not, I can always get rid of it later. I also cleaned out 2 large glass vases FULL of glass marbles that were on the porch gathering dust and bits of leaves and dead bugs. EW. Trying to decide whether to sell those or set them somewhere inside.

The removal of the fish tanks makes a huge gap along our long wall. We're debating what to do there, but I want to sit on it awhile. I suggested moving the large cabinet we have in the playroom but Anders thinks it will look weird since it's painted light grey and the rest of the furniture in the dining room is blond wood. He suggested a köpmanssdisk but I don't really want yet another piece of furniture to fill up with stuff. It would be nice to have somethere to use as a sideboard, but it's not really necessary. If we ever get around to actually building the fireplace we planned for, then the bookcase that is currently in that spot will need someplace to go, and this empty space might have to be it...I don't know.

Today turned out sunny and warm and gorgeous...finally, a real spring day! I sat on the porch for awhile after we got back from the mall, but that made me sleepy so I had to take a nap. Karin went to Lund to hang out with a boy she is starting to see (second date, or third, I think) and is buying dinner on the way home: meat for Anders to grill and potato salad.

It's a short work week ahead for me: only 2.5 days, but so much to do that I'm having a bit of anxiety about it. We have a half day on Wednesday but we'll see if I can actually leave on time or not. I'm inclined NOT to stay and stress about work. :)

Anyway, happy May Day to you!
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