May 22nd, 2016



Every year it's the same and yet I still boggle at how the time goes. It's nearly the end of May. The lilacs are in full bloom but soon they'll be over...the lupines are on the way now, and the roses. We have tiny, hard, green cherries on the tree but I can't decide whether it's worth it to put net on, since we'll be gone all of July and that's when they'll be ripe. Might as well feast the birds one year, eh?

The honeysuckles are just starting as well and my clematis is vining its way up the trellis. The pansies are still hanging in there, but since it was warm today and will be again tomorrow, though the weather this week is supposed to be a bit up and down. It's a crazy busy week, ramping up into party time. We're counting down at 2.5 weeks to graduation. Tomorrow is the RSVP date, and we have 4 families unaccounted for. So far, we're at 41 people.

This week I have 2 choir concerts (last singing for the term, boo!) and a work summer party. Next week, the last AWC meeting of the season, a friend's 50th birthday party that I'm helping to organize at work, and the final prep for the graduation party. Anders and his sister are going to Germany on the 31st to buy the booze, and I have to let the caterers and restaurant know the final headcount. Then we have our 20th wedding anniversary! Though we haven't planned anything for the actual day, since Martin has his prom that evening. We have reservations at a new swanky restaurant in Flyinge for the 4th.

I'm sad about choir ending, even though we won't be here in July anyway, but they told us today we have a concert scheduled right away at the beginning of next term so they will set up some practices in late August to get us back into sync.

I sent out the invitation for our family bash while we are in Michigan, to the entire extended family clan. We have a memorial planned for my Uncle Sam on Friday, July 22, the big party on the 23 and a birthday lunch for my grandma on the 24. And my Aunt Joanne (my Uncle Sam's sambo) has done the NICEST thing and offered us the use of his car while we are in the States! SO KIND!! That means we don't have to spend more money on plane tickets or car rentals and since we needed the car for the month (we're too many people for only 2 cars), it's absolutely PERFECT. I am thrilled and really happy about it. It's a weight off my mind that we don't have the added expense of the plane tickets right now, when we have so many other big expenses. YAY!!

Martin just told me the Game of Thrones episode that we would normally have to watch tomorrow (the one that is airing tonight in the US) was accidentally released early so I'm outta here!
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