June 22nd, 2016

oooh pretty!


Had a meeting with my boss yesterday and was informed about my raise: higher than the average and lots of praise to accompany it, which was nice. Wish it was hitting with tomorrow's paycheck instead of next month's. Would have been nice to have that extra money in the States.

Got my FBARs done, finally.

Figuring out our plans for the US trip: what to see in NYC and Boston on the day each we have allotted for them. Planning a couple of days at a relative's in Traverse City and my college roommates lake cottage. And a real American 4th of July!

We are dog-sitting for friends, for 2 weeks. Coco is lovely and fairly well-behaved but has to be on the leash when out or she chases anything that moves.

I can't wait for vacation.

I also can't believe we have already passed the solstice. I am mourning the passing of the light. Here we go, the long slide into the Swedish darkness. *sigh*

Am tired of pushing my son to get anything done or make any headway without a huge fight. Is this normal?

We have no plans whatsoever for midsummer, which is Sweden is tantamount to being outcasts. All of our friends are either away or have other plans. Even Anders' mom is busy. And both the kids are going to friends. It will be just Anders and me. Staring at each other over the salmon and strawberries.

I am not looking forward to political discussions in the US. I hope people will respect my wish to leave such things at the door.

The family bash is getting huge. My mom said more and more cousins are replying that they are coming. She is having it catered and considering hiring a Port-a-Potty! The last official family reunion was in 1995 so it's not surprising people are excited about getting together.

Only 3 of the AWC board members are considering staying on. All the activities officers (3 of them) are apparently stepping down. There is no 4th of July party planned and yet the current board is considering raising dues. I'm considering stepping up again but have very mixed feelings about it. Is it a general malaise or a real decline? Was my leaving the board one of the causes for the lack of enthusiasm and commitment I have been sensing or is just the downward bend of a usual wave? IS IT ALL MY FAULT? Or is my ego completely out of control? HAHAHAA ...Will things get better if I rejoin the board or will it be a sinking ship? Maybe it's time to inquire if people still find it valid or useful or fun. I do, but maybe I'm alone in that opinion. Really, I just want to keep our book group alive.

The roses in the back under the trellis have exploded. It's a bright orange-pink-coral jungle out there. The honeysuckle, too, are still blooming like crazy, even the useless one that never puts out any flowers and when it does only provides pathetic undersized imitations of real flowers. The little rosebush in the front is ready to blow any day...it has over a dozen buds on it. Yay! Roses before we leave!

We didn't put net on the cherry tree this year, and the other night when I was out watering I took a look to see if there were any at all. All the ones I could find were stones on stems, all the fruit pecked/gnawed off them. No cherries for us this year, bummer.

I am on a fresh pineapple kick right now. SO good.

Is anyone even reading this anymore? Hello?