September 3rd, 2016



All the spiders are coming inside, it must be fall. All the skeeter-eaters, too. And the flies come in, but they're so slow and lethargic that it's easy to swat them or blow them back outside. Everything looks yellow-tinged, insect-eaten, wilty. The storks are in the harvested fields, eating worms, every morning in the fog. The leaves aren't falling yet but it feels like just a matter of time. Everything boils down to a matter of time, doesn't it? It's September already. Whether or not it's officially fall, September heralds the beginning of the end of the year. Out of the short 1 and 2-syllable months into the long multi-syllabic names of autumn and winter months. The smoldering end of the year, the dying fire of the seasons. Ember is even built into the names of several of these months, haha!

The temperatures have cooled everything down, and some of the flowers are having a second wind. The roses are blooming, the honeysuckles have perked up and I expect violets any day now. This year, I am hoping for some snow. It feels like we haven't had snow in ages. Even during the winters, I mean.

Even if it's the beginning of the end of the year, so many other things are coming that I feel like it's just more beginnings in many ways. The AWC season is starting again and we're holding board elections at the end of this month. I'm stepping up again, as Editor, though I'm dreading the board thing a little bit. The whole club is in a sort of downward spiral at the moment and I feel an obligation to see what I can do to swing it up again.

Things that are starting or have started: choir, AWC, school for Karin, Anders' work trips, busy season at work. I have tickets to see two shows this fall; I'm excited for both: Kinky Boots (Cyndi Lauper's musical) in September with Debbie & Camilla. Elton John in November with Karin. Anders will be traveling a lot this fall, which I am NOT looking forward to. But I've already booked several traditional fall events: wreath-making, thanksgiving, the holiday cookie exchange and TWO Wonders get-togethers (!).

It's a busy weekend. I sang last night with my choir in an outdoor concert. We performed with a band, so it was extra fun, but very long... nearly 2 hours of standing on stage plus another hour before hand. It was raining on and off as well, drizzling, so there were not as many people as we'd hoped. Tonight we're going to Anders' sister's for a crayfish party, though Martin is sick with a cold so he's staying home. Tomorrow I'm having a late lunch with my two best girlfriends. Even Monday is busy: WW after work and an extra AWC board meeting which I'm going to even though I'm not officially back on the board yet.

The sun is actually peeking out between the clouds at the moment; I see blue sky! How lovely! It makes me so happy when the sun shines. The clouds are racing above the houses, lots of fat fluffy white ones and lots of gray raggedy rain-holders. Time is racing, the seasons are turning and spiraling round again. Can you feel it? Here we go!