October 8th, 2016



What should I do with all my collections of beautiful images? I have folders stuffed with pages ripped out of magazines, virtual desktop folders stuffed with images that I've saved to savor, greeting cards that I have bought simply because they are beautiful, which means I will probably never send them to anyone because I am, funnily enough, selfish of beauty. Prints of photos by family members, old calendars that I have saved because I love the images in them, etc., etc., ...!

What do you do with this kind of stuff? Should I curate/collect them into some sort of book (only for me, since they are other people's images mostly? I can't frame and hang all the stuff I have...I could fill several houses or more with the amount of beautiful images and the framing costs would ruin me, haha!

Does anyone else save stuff like this? I run the images I save from the web on my desktop and screensaver and they make me inordinately happy when I see them. But I don't see them that often, and all the ones that are printed sit in folders and boxes...

Any ideas? Help me, Internet Kenobi, you're my only hope!