October 26th, 2016



I cannot wait for the US election to be over. What I am fearful of is that the nastiness will continue; that it will, in fact, NEVER END. Gah.

This is the first year in 18 years that I am ordering a school photo of only one of my children.

I am in the wrong business: I spent literally 15 minutes at my follow-up dentist appointment yesterday, during which the dentist shaved a tiny bit off a tooth that has been giving me problems, probed around, made me bite on a purple piece of paper and adjusted my bite guard. It cost 820 kronor ($92). This, after paying 920 kronor ($103) LAST week for x-rays and cleaning. Then again, I am VERY good at my job and if I had to spend my days scraping nasty stuff off people's disgusting teeth I would do nothing but gag nonstop. ICK.

Scraped ice off the car windows this morning for the first time. Winter is coming.

The AWC board is brainstorming things we can do at the monthly meetings to try and increase attendance and participation. The meetings typically consist of a guest speaker and the board members providing information on current club business and upcoming events. We've had feedback that it would be nice if they had more time for socializing. We hold 9 monthly meetings a year at the moment, though that might change as well, due to expenses. One of those is the Annual Meeting which has the year-in-review, complimentary treats, and board elections. One is the media/book sale and one is the holiday cookie exchange. So that means we need ideas for 6 meetings. One suggestion we've come up with: hold various swaps at the meetings instead of making them a separate event, like jewelry/accessories, recipes, plant cuttings, liquor cabinet clean-out. Other ideas include: board games, after-work mingle format at a bar/hotel, cake walk, bake sale, kid stuff loppis/swap, business expo, silent auction. Can you think of any other fun, social activities we could do?

I've been half-sick with a half-cold for what feels like forever...at least a couple of weeks. I am tired, achey, out of sorts and even more sniffly and sneezy and nose-blowy than usual (which is a LOT). I haven't been sick enough to stay home from work, really, but I am definitely off my game while I'm there. UGH. On the one hand, I wish I would just be SICK already, but on the other, I am afraid that next week when I take 3 days off and we go to Berlin for a mini-vacation that THAT is when the cold will triumph. Double UGH.

Any tips for Berlin? :)