December 27th, 2016



My husband, who has been working in the garage for a few hours, came in to the kitchen while I was preparing a plate for my dinner (both kids are out tonight). "Oh, is it still leftovers?" he asked. I gave him the hairy eyeball. Has he not looked in the refrigerator?? We have enough food to feed an army for a week. So, yes, leftovers again. Not that I'm complaining since I only get turkey sandwiches twice a year!

We had a major wind storm through southern Sweden last night (it was named Urd, which seems...odd, since that is definitely one Swedish name I have never 'urd of). Winds shook the house all night and howled through the trees. There was flooding along the coast, both in Malmö and even up in Gothenburg, plenty of trees down, and over a thousand people without power...thankfully not us.

I know I should have said more about this BEFORE Christmas, but because it was a Christmas gift, I couldn't really do it then, though I'm sure my family all had an idea of what was coming :) haha! I finished my cookbook project at the end of October and sent it to print. It was my present to my family members and some friends as well, and was very well-received, which made me happy since it was a real labor of love! If you would like to order a copy, let me know and I'll send you the link. You can buy it at cost (I don't make any revenue from the sale).

We bought a third car today. Used, for only SEK 1500. It's a 2003 Peugeot 206 and it's a manual drive. Anders bought it so that the kids can practice driving stick. They'll have to do it with him, though, as my driver's license is only for automatic cars! Heh. He asked if I wanted to re-learn how to drive stick and re-take my license but I said, "Nah, I'm good." It looks basically like this but in much worse condition. In fact, it has körförbud (driving ban) as it didn't pass inspection and needs brake work and new lights and god knows what else. But Anders figured spending a couple of thousand on parts and fixing it up would be worth it. And then we'll have an extra car for the kid(s) later once they (or she) has their (or her) license(s)!

I am reading Franny and Zooey which I managed to never get around to back in high school or college. I DID read Catcher in the Rye at some point, but didn't like it. Franny was listed as an influential fictional female heroine in a book I read not too long ago, and it intrigued me enough to put it on my list. My mom got it for me for Christmas and so far it seems to be a short, zippy read.

Tomorrow, the kids and I are going to see Benedict Cumberbatch play Hamlet with my two best friends and their entourages (we are 10 people altogether). It's at least 3 hours and then we're going to dinner at an Asian buffet place (no leftovers, ha!). I need to get the AWC website finished and published, will work on that now, and then I'm going to take it easy for the rest of this kid-free evening!