January 17th, 2017



Fashion items I once wore proudly and for far too long:
bat-wing sleeves, clogs, scrunchies

Words/phrases I am proud of knowing the difference between
(and which I am not afraid of judging you for if you use them incorrectly):

hilarious vs. hysterical (if something is really funny, it's hilarious; hysterical means "marked by extreme, uncontrollable emotion")
jealous vs. envious (if you have something and are afraid of losing it, you are jealous; if you don't have something and want it, you are envious)
bored BY or bored WITH vs. bored OF (just stop it)

People I rarely see in person who I am nonetheless proud to call friend:
Elizabeth Duvivier, Rebecca Peterson, Chuck Sigars

Things I will never be proud of:
My tendency to stay silent sometimes, that I so rarely write letters nowadays, my inability to restrain myself from eating cookies

Justifiably proud of having learned:
speed touch-typing, HTML coding, Swedish

Events I'm proud to say I participated in:
the founding of the AWC Malmö, the birth of my children (not that I had much choice, haha!), my soda-free year

People that help me remember I can still be proud to call myself American despite the inauguration this week:
Obama (TWICE), Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Warren

Things I'm secretly proud of keeping organized:
the kids' Lego, my extended family's contact list & family tree, my inbox

Songs I am not proud of knowing all the lyrics to:*
Always and Forever, Three Times a Lady, Running Bear, plus three more because HAHAHAHA: Have You Never Been Mellow, I Write the Songs, Billy Don't Be a Hero

*Now I want to go make a new Spotify list of all the awesome songs of my youth