February 27th, 2017

attempting to give a damn


Still having pain and tingling in my arm, shoulder and hand. Been to the naprapat once, going again for two more treatments, this week and next.

Still waiting to hear from the FAFSA, and the other two colleges that Martin has applied to.

Still having anxiety attacks about money, especially since we paid Martin's housing deposit and first housing down payment this weekend. Cashectomy, indeed! OUCH.

Still enduring winter: snow last week, now rain rain rain

Still crazy at work, though we are managing to keep up by the skin of our teeth. However, found out today that I have five 5-year-rollover vacation days that I have to take before April 1st. And just missed sportlov...figures! So, I'm probably going to be taking every Friday in March off. It's a hard knock life.

Still working on never-ending weight loss and healthy eating. Still getting back to walking. Still waking with headaches. Still reading and obsessing over art on Instagram. Still keeping the house clean and the laundry done.

Carry on.