September 18th, 2017



Just so you can see the difference.

Turned off the alarm at 6:45 am
Sprunched Barky
Checked emails and Instagram
Made and packed lunch
Drove to work
Fetched breakfast upstairs and ate it standing at my desk
Sent 25 work emails in response to questions
Closed 30 job tickets
Designed and delivered 2 web banners
Updated and delivered 4 print advertisements
Reviewed 5 business cards
Updated and delivered another business card
Designed 2 flyers
Had lunch with my daughter
Went for a 20-minute walk in the sunshine
Designed and delivered nametags for 2 different internal events
Updated design of 3 maps for a partner event
Had afternoon fika with a friend/colleague
Danced for 3 minutes with my team for our afternoon dance/plank pause
Updated another flyer
Reviewed and approved 4 HTML blasts
Released quarterly partner enews
Released 6 HTML blasts for various regions
Updated mailing lists and databases with new regional marketing staff
Drove home
Read several chapters of my book
Answered emails, checked Facebook and Instagram, uploaded a photo
Called and activated 2 new members for the AWC
Made and ate dinner
Wrote this silly post
Watched an episode of Outlander

And now it's after 9 pm! I am going to go read some more, and maybe call my mom before bedtime since I didn't manage to call her yesterday. :)

My week/work days are always busier, of course, than the weekends, but this past weekend WAS really sluggy, really it was! haha!