October 6th, 2017



Pizza is never on my go-to menu wish list.

I really don't understand people who think gun control will not help with the gun violence problems in America.

I fear abandonment more than death.

If you are driving under the speed limit in front of my car, I'm probably swearing at you under my breath.

My oldest friend messaged me yesterday to say she was coming to London in March and wanted to plan a trip over to see me before or after and I literally squeed (squeeed? how many eeees does that word get?) out loud.

I'm a hypocrite in more than one way (and I bet you are, too).

I would prefer that you just unfriend me instead of being abusively vocal about your differing point of view.

If you don't see it in my house, I might have regifted or thrifted it. Sorry/not sorry.

Sometimes I play Cribbage on my iPad just to feel closer to my sister (but I'd rather be playing with her).

I want a cat again. I really, really want a cat again.

When I look around my house at all my books, I worry sometimes what will become of them after I'm gone.

I re-write lists like this so that all the sentences don't start with "I".

Q-tips / ears ...need I say more?

Your turn.