December 3rd, 2017



This has been a majorly NON-SLUG weekend here at Chez Ek. Anders, who has apparently been replaced by a pod person, went out yesterday and bought outdoor lights and HUNG THEM ALL ALONG THE FRONT EDGE OF THE HOUSE. He was too funny, because he came in to the bedroom on Saturday morning, where I was still lolling reading, and asked me if he could get one of these. Apparently they sell them here in Sweden, now. Guess who got the hairy eyeball THIS time? :D

He had no intention of actually buying one, though, and proceeded to look up nice, plain, white strings of lights. I badgered him to at least give in and get colored lights, alas, to no avail. I had a huge long list of things to get done yesterday, not least of which was decorating the inside of the house. I did that, in between three loads of laundry, writing our Christmas letter, preparing Christmas cards, cleaning, etc. We aren't getting the tree until next weekend (hopefully), so still have that to decorate, but expect my daughter to recruit some friends to possibly help with that monster job since I will be busy laying around recuperating from surgery, and directing where ornaments go from the confines of the couch.

I've also gotten the majority of the gifts I needed to purchase done already, so am feeling VERY ahead of the game, considering it's only the 2nd day of December. Still have my kids, my mother-in-law and stocking stuffers to deal with, but I'm glad to be ahead since I figure the next two weeks are basically shot due to the surgery and recovery.

The lights in the windows and along the houses make everything so much brighter. It's candle time, cozy time, thank goodness, because outdoors it's cold, sodden, chill, wet and rainy. I hope we'll get some snow this year to help brighten things up even more, but that brings with it a load of other problems, so...

I just talked to my mom for an hour and still have to call my sister (and her daughter to wish her a belated happy birthday), and then Martin, after Anders gets home. I miss my family even more than usual this time of year. Holidays are hardest when the people you love are far away. Thank goodness Martin will be home for Christmas, or I don't think I could stand it!