May 20th, 2019



I didn't mean to disappear but first Karin came home and then Martin came home and we had all these things to do and here it is, only a week and a half later, but it feels like much longer. Anders was gone all last week, too...he left the day before Martin came home, on a work trip. He came home on Thursday and I've been kind of reveling in having all my babies at home together. We even watched Eurovision together as a family! (If you count the fact that a great deal of the time, someone was on their phone or iPad). It was just like the old days.

We've suddenly hit summer. Temperatures jumped by almost 10 degrees today and we hit 26C. My hair reflected the humidity (and still does), immediately poodling into a bad 70s Farrah Fawcett knockoff. I'm still feeling sweaty and it's 9:30 pm. The sun is finally starting to slide down an ombre slope of purple, lavender, orange and pink behind the trees.

Hard to believe it's already halfway through lilac season. The rapeseed, which has been glowing all over Skåne for weeks, is starting to lose its edge. The cherry trees have littered every sidewalk with pink, and the dandelions have turned to fuzz and blown away. It must be fun to see a long shot aerial view sped-up movie of spring in southern Sweden, with the waves of color washing across the land. First the yellows and whites of early spring when the forsythia and the hawthorns bloom, then the pink of the cherries and the neon yellow of the rapeseed, and then the purples and whites of the lilacs and the spirea. Not to mention the building, darkening tsunami of green that billows and expands over everything.

I spent half of today in training with our new graphic designer who started today. She seems nice and competent, and she's nearer my age than most of my teammates which is kind of cool, but I have some reservations, so we'll see how things go. One of the things we pressed on as being extremely important when the job position was written up was needing someone with excellent presentation design skills, and something she said this morning made me wonder if she's ever even worked with PowerPoint. Gah, if not. But still, help in any form is a good thing, and I'm not complaining. Exactly.

Martin and I just watched the last episode of Game of Thrones. Hard to believe it's over and the books haven't even finished being written. I am still in the middle of Outlander's season 4 so I am not entirely bereft of things to watch, but nothing seems to have come along to fill the gaps that some of the shows I loved filled.

There isn't anything much to report on, things are just motoring along. We've been doing things, watching things, reading things, working, etc. I expect posting will be a little slow for awhile, since I don't want to sit on the computer when the kids are here. There are lots of things coming up that I'm looking forward to: the trip to Seattle for the Adobe Conference, seeing Chuck, seeing my mom, possibly seeing my best friend, a week in Stockholm and midsummer with old friends and a week in The Netherlands at the end of the summer with my brother's family. Summer, here I come!