September 22nd, 2019



I had a nice long weekend, with Friday off, and not a lot of plans, though I seem to have done things...apart from just cleaning house and laundry. I also noted yesterday that my shoulders didn't hurt like they typically do after a regular work day, so that was good. I still DID work, though most of what I did this weekend was for the AWC and not my day job, as we have our annual business meeting and board elections coming up on Tuesday.

My life seems to be a lot of lather-rinse-repeat these days. One year blending into the next without a lot of difference. I can't decide it that's a good thing or a bad one. I may be in a rut, but it's a nice smooth one, full of regular high points and not a lot of drama. Maybe at my age, being in a relatively constant comfort zone is a good way to spend your time. I don't know. I don't want to mistake comfort for complacency, because they aren't the same thing, in my mind.

It's just that lately I don't feel like there's a lot to talk about. Hence, the lack of posting. I can tell you about the good book I'm reading (Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell) or the last movie I watched and what I thought about it (Passengers, decent sci-fi) or how far we've gotten on our latest home improvement project (not far at all, alas), but none of it is really anything that makes me want to sit down and write.

I've never been one for drama, though. So, I think at least for me, the place I find myself in, while boring, is okay.

Things I did in the last three days that required being semi-social: lunch on Friday, AWC swap party yesterday, going to watch Karin's soccer game tonight (they won 15-1 and cinched the division championships). Anders was gone overnight last night for a "Gubbhajk" which literally translated means "Old man hike" and involved him and 9 of his oldest friends out hiking, cooking over a bonfire and renting a cabin (they're too old for tents, apparently). They've done it several years in a row now, and always have a nice time. He had perfect weather for it, as we had a beautiful weekend with clear late summer skies and slightly warmer temps.

The swap party was the third such event that we've had as an AWC activity, hosted by a woman who promotes non-consumption as a lifestyle. I didn't make it to the first two, and nearly didn't go to this one, because I knew that the chances of there being anything even close to my size were slim to none, and I was right. But I took some really old nice pieces that have been packed away in my closet for years and Karin went with me with a pile of her own cast-offs. She made out like a bandit, coming home with a big bag of nice pre-loved clothes, and happy that all of hers found new homes, plus she kept one of mine. (haha!) I was pleased that the stuff I brought also was mostly taken, and I did get a new funky scarf, so it wasn't a total write-off. Plus it was a fun get-together with lots of nice conversation, and the hostess even helped Karin make repairs to a pair of hiking pants that we brought along after she posted that she'd have her sewing machine available during the event.

It's a crazy week ahead, with several things to plan for. The AWC meeting on Tuesday, choir on Wednesday, and our office move on Friday which I have to be packed for by Wednesday because on Thursday I have the afternoon off to go speak at a high school in Eslöv about the importance of English (or any second language) in one's career. I'm kind of wishing I hadn't agreed to do it, but too late now. I was asked by one of Karin's old teachers, and back when asked me, months and months ago, it seemed far enough off not to worry about, but now suddenly it's here and I don't really have anything prepared. Eek!

On Friday, our department is moving to temporary quarters and we have to be out of our current location by 1 pm when the movers start, and work elsewhere for the rest of the day. Our boss has booked a couple of conference rooms for us to work in, or we can work from home if we wish, as we can't be in our new location until Monday. And next Monday will be a loss work-wise as well, since we'll be busy setting up and getting oriented in the new space. We get to do the whole move thing again in (hopefully) a few months, when our new building is finally ready, but we still don't have a move-in date for that.

I'm mostly ready for the week, I guess, and I just booked a massage time for tomorrow, so that will help. Now I'm off to continue reading my really good book, in bed. Happy Sunday!