May 3rd, 2020



Someone is reading this blog and gently reminded me of that fact, letting me know that she checks in daily and to my horror but no real surprise I see that I haven't posted anything since the middle of April. And now it's the beginning of May. My will to write has been sapped by reality: I'm not really DOING anything other than working and laying around the house and cleaning and laundry and reading, and apparently I am no Emily Dickinson. I'm not even watching anything right now, as I finished the series I was watching and have yet to motivate myself to tune into something new (or old or never-seen).

We actually went to the movies yesterday, with friends. Before you get your knickers in a bunch, it was like this: my friend Debbie and her husband typically go to the movies multiple times a week. They LOVE going to the movies, so much so that they are apparently listed as the top guests at their local movie salon. So they've really been missing their movie fixes since the pandemic started and the theaters all closed down over a month ago. But recently their local theater put out notices that it was possible to rent the ENTIRE salon at a very reduced price for a limited number of guests and they decided to do it. They rented a 94-seat theater and invited 24 people to come and watch Parasite. They paid for the movie tickets for everyone but we were all responsible for our own concession snacks. I've already seen the movie (with Karin, right before the theaters closed down) but Anders hadn't so we said yes. It was super fun! We sat all spread out in the theater, no more than 2 couples per row and had a chat with the other friends we knew, from a distance.

I was really glad to get out of the house and see people, especially since I've not been feeling well since Thursday. It's not coronavirus...I think I have some kind of infection and/or stomach bug. It's mostly gone now except for some swollen/tender glands in my neck and head, chills and a queasy stomach. No coughing, fever or anything else, so I've just been ingesting fluids, taking painkillers and lots of bed rest. If it hasn't righted itself by tomorrow, I'll call the health clinic. I didn't do so last week because everything was closed for national holidays and then the weekend and I didn't think going to the ER with this was such a great idea. I think that's one of the bad things about this whole one wants to go to the hospital for ANYTHING. Anyway, I've been better each day since it started so I'm hoping it will be over completely by tomorrow. Yesterday I felt fine, apart from the aforementioned tenderness, so I dared the movie as we were vigilant about social distancing.

The rapeseed fields are in full bloom, bright neon yellow as far as the eye can see. Super pretty except that they are two weeks early. It's actually been quite cold and rainy all this past week but now the sun is coming back and things are warming up again. Anders is planting snap peas in the garden, and my kohlrabi and carrot sprouts are almost ready to go in the ground. The cherry tree has blossomed so if we can get net on it soon we'll have a bumper crop of fruit come summer. The whole yard is a sea of bright sunny dandelions. Anders is threatening to do them all in but I confess I love their cheerful bright faces. The rest of the dandelion plant is super ugly but just now when they're in bright and yellow, I don't care that they're a weed.

I'm working from home the next three days before rotating back into the office, and it's Anders' birthday on Friday so I really must get motivated.