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Really, people, stop putting links to great blogs and great writers and great artists on your journals and your websites, and don't let any of those cool people with the great sites write comments on your posts anymore with a clickable link to said great site, because honestly, HOW MANY FREAKING BLOGS CAN I KEEP UP WITH, ALREADY?!
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I can literally, and sometimes do, sit here all day reading. I need to comment more. I need the readers :P

I have 3 words for you:

Pot. Kettle. Black. :)

Yeah, what she said!!!


Hey if you weren't interested you wouldn't check it out :-P you know you want more...hehe

Marie always has the best comments. I can't possibly beat that.

I know! She does, doesn't she? :)

Was it my link to Waiter Rant that provoked this craziness? ;)

LOL ...that and MANY, MANY more! :)


Ha! Ain't it the truth! The number of my bookmarks (twice as long as the blogroll on my blog) is ridiculous! But I can't stop adding links! :) ~Marilyn

How true it is . . .

But isn't that awesome!!?? to know how many fabulous minds and spirits are out there and linking up? Of course, sometimes surfing brings me into other people's minds that I soooo wish I hadn't stumbled on. But mostly it's like you said Lizardek---- so faboooo. ~bluepoppy

Yeah! there are only so many hours to surf the internet at work anyway.... GET BACK TO WORK! NOW!

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