March 28th, 2021



The people behind us are slowly but surely cutting down ALL the trees and bushes and shrubbery that block the view of their backyard and farm from our backyard. It's making me sad. They decimated all the trees that were there before and now he's out there again with a chainsaw buzzing away. If he cuts down all the lilacs that are growing by the ditch, I'm going to be very very sad. All the natural greenery that hemmed in our yard: gone. I don't want to look at the back of their carport and stable and parking area. Our yard was pretty private before, but now it feels open to everyone and I don't like it. Our little hedge will take 30 more years to get high enough to block everything. I wonder if I can talk Anders into planting some trees and bushes along our hedge...

Karin accompanied me today to the mall so I could look for new bathroom towels and rugs. We've had the same towels least 15 years, maybe since we moved into this house. They're a pale sage and I've loved them and they've stood the test of time. It's only now that they are starting to fray along the edges. A few of the towels have a couple of discolored splotches but they're hardly noticeable. I don't like going to the mall right now, but we were pleasantly surprised to find it nearly empty. So we took advantage of that and went in many more stores than we had originally planned.

I've had my eye out for some replacement bowls for a set that I got from my grandma years ago that are hand-painted with little dutch girls on the inside. I like them and they're a very useful size, but they were getting chipped and dinged. I found lovely ones at Søstrene Grene, 6 different colors in pale dusky shades, with a matte outside and a glossy finish on the inside. They're slightly shorter than the ones I was replacing, but also slightly wider, so they'll work, I think. Karin was sad about the dutch girl bowls, so I looked them over when I got home and decided 4 of them were okay enough to give her and she can decide if she wants them. Or give 2 to her brother and keep 2 for herself.

We also stopped at a clothing store that has stuff in my size and I found a pair of workout pants and two lightweight summery shirts. Then we went to Hemtex and looked at towels. I wanted something in an in-between color: not too dark and not too light. And not too brown/beige, since the tiles in the bathroom are in shades of brown and it would be too much. They had bathroom rugs in white, in the sizes I wanted, so I got those. We found towels in what looked like a medium-pale green that I thought would work and after waffling a bit, I decided to get them. Only to find when I got home that they look super dark, almost teal blue! What a difference lighting's really kind of aggravating that they looked so different in the store. I still like them and will keep them, but have hung them up just to get used to the color first.

We set the clocks forward last night and lost an hour. I'm feeling it now; thinking about taking a nap. But I need to do my treadmill 20 first. It's been very cold, raw-feeling and rainy all weekend. We had originally planned to go get bags of dirt and fertilizer and seedling cups from the plant nursery and I was going to buy pansies to put in all the pots, but the weather was just too uncongenial. Anders did stop there today while I was shopping with Karin, but said it was just too busy with people and he didn't feel comfortable going inside. We'll have to make a run after work one day and hope it won't be too busy.

I have two short work weeks now...we have Friday off this coming week (Good Friday) and the following Monday (day after Easter). Short weeks are honestly just stressful right now, and a long weekend feels rather meaningless when you can't really go anywhere. I'm determined to get the pansies by next weekend though, as my yard needs some spring cheer and so do I.

It's been a nice weekend, really. We had myskväll on Friday, Anders and I, watching Bäst i Test, and a new show called Veckans Ord (Word of the Week) with a TV host I like. Then we watched The Dig, with Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan, which we both liked. I had a nice phone call with my mom yesterday and we had good news from last week, too: Martin got his second vaccination shot on Friday, and my mom got hers (single-shot) last Tuesday. A major worry off my mind!

So, that puts me in a good frame of mind for the end of the weekend and the start of a short work week. I have things going on this week, too, so stuff to look forward to: AWC zoom meeting, a much-needed massage, my sister's birthday (the last of the March flurry of family birthdays) and possibly a socially-distanced Easter dinner with Anders' sister and family on Friday, if all goes well and everyone is healthy.

Happy Sunday!