April 13th, 2021



Man, it's *crickets* around here...even more so than usual. I don't think I've ever gone this many posts with so few comments. I don't know if it's because of the stupid LJ issue with telling anonymous commenters that they are banned (they're NOT! YOU'RE NOT! COMMENT ANYWAY!) or people's general malaise or what. I know I'm one of the last diehards out here blogging, but it's such a marked difference from even a couple of years ago. And I'm just as culpable as anyone else. I read a few last-blogger-standing blogs out there too, and rarely comment. I'm much more likely to heart a post on Insta or like a post on FB and keep on scrolling than I am to stop and comment. And here I've been really rocking my pledge to write more this year!

According to LJ statistics, there ARE people viewing my page, which I assume means they are reading my posts, and I'm actually averaging a decent number...in the TENS! hahahaha (for this modest, almost completely unadvertised blog), but still: *crickets*.

Ah well. I still read me. :D

Since I'm writing this for myself, or almost nearly, you'd think I could open up more and write more frankly about the things that are happening in my life or the things that are bothering me...lay it all out on the table, as it were. But you'd be wrong. I still feel about my writing in this public space the way I always have. I'm careful what I say here, about whom I speak, and always, always have other people's feelings in mind if I do write about them. There's an awful lot of unpublished stuff in my head! Too bad for you, since it's all so juicy. Haha! Not.

Anyway, I don't have much to say, as contrary to the paragraph above, NOTHING is happening in my life. Still going mostly nowhere, doing mostly nothing. I saw one friend on FB let loose in a rant today that she was losing it (she's got 2 little kids) and one of the things that she mentioned as a peeve struck a nerve. She said that it's really hard to hear about all her American friends and family getting vaccinated and being able to start doing things again, going places, meeting people and having fun, when vaccines here in Sweden are so delayed that we're unsure if we'll get them before the end of the summer...if then.

I've mentioned this before too, but it IS a huge bag of mixed feelings and I totally relate. While I'm genuinely glad that my American friends and family are getting theirs, it feels proportionally very unfair, even if everything is unfair and that's not how fairness works anyway, but still. I get it. I just wish there was enough to go around: for ALL countries, for ALL ages, for everyone at the same time.

In other exciting going-nowhere news, I found out today that walking all the way down to the goats and rabbits, and turning around at Roslövsvägen and coming back to my house, is exactly 20 minutes at a very good clip. Good to know!