May 11th, 2021



It's the prettiest time of the year. All the flowering trees are in bloom: yellow, white, pink, and all the trees that don't have flowers look like they're blooming too: bright neon green. I went for a walk around the village and had to restrain myself from taking photo after photo of trees. Trees are so pleasing in their new spring finery. I walked through the pear allé and admired all the white blossoms overhead. Tulips and daffodils and pearl hyacinth are blooming and our yard, along with everyone else's, is polka-dotted with sunny circles of dandelions.

Out back, a blackbird is trilling his liquid song over and over all day long, but strangely it doesn't trigger my abhorrence of repetitive noise. Every now and then he's punctuated by mourning doves and the crow percussion section. The neighbor's black cat hangs out by our hedge; he turns his head to see what I'm doing but doesn't move. I leave him be. He'd run away anyway if I tried to get any closer. I just have to wait for Frasse, the big orange tom from next door, to meander over for petting.

Long weekend ahead; we have Thursday and Friday off for Ascension Day. Or as it's called in Swedish: Christ's Heavenly Trip Day. I'm talking Karin into doing the May 5K Saturday or Sunday.

One of my best friends ended up unexpectedly in the hospital yesterday after going to the healthcare clinic to see a doctor about digestion issues she's been struggling with for the past couple of weeks. She ended up in an ambulance to the ER for atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia) and then they found water in her heart and lungs, and now they are talking about heart failure. !!!! She's in the intensive ward while they figure out what exactly is going on and try to find the cause, since she's young for this kind of thing (younger than me) and it came out of nowhere. She's had COVID (last fall) and I asked her if the doctors suspected any of it could have been caused by that, but apparently they don't think so. Scary stuff. Anyway, please think good thoughts for my friend if you do that sort of thing. We've been able to talk on the phone, but no visitors are allowed. :(

I suspect I'm heading into the era of health issues. Once it was engagements, weddings and babies. Gah. I think I'll go sit on the deck and listen to the blackbird sing.