May 13th, 2021



Yesterday, we had lunch out on the deck, in the sunshine. Karin was here for a quick lunch for 30 minutes. It was lovely. Later in the afternoon, after I was done working, Anders and I sat out in the sun for awhile again. I had my book and the sun umbrella up and I just sat and enjoyed the green of our yard, our hedge, the trees, the newly planted seedlings in the vegetable garden, the pansies in their pots. I had filled up the birdbath earlier, and while I was sitting there, I saw a magpie alight on the grass and then hop over to the birdbath and up onto its stone edge. He was facing me and he dipped his beak into the water and then lifted his head up and back and swallowed. He repeated the action 7 or 8 times, dipping, drinking, lifting and swallowing, and then he hopped off the edge back onto the ground and WIPED HIS BEAK OFF in the grass. Anders and I burst into laughter as he flew away.