November 4th, 2021



Things I like about autumn
scuffing through fallen leaves, a nip in the air, trees that turn red

Things I already miss about summer
blue blue skies late into the evening, being able to go for walks after work and having it still be light out, sitting on the deck enjoying the greenery

Things I am looking forward to
Thanksgiving, baking Christmas cookies, the end of the fucking pandemic (it will end, won't it?)

Things that are on the menu lately
plain bagels with cream cheese and sea salt, clementines, mushroom soup

Things in my house that make me happy
The embroidered bell pull from my grandmother's house, the 3 Klimt art prints that Martin did, the oil painting my mother painted just for me

Things that need to get done that aren't on any to-do list
Removing the landline phone, changing the bills that go to Anders' phone to go to me, writing more often

Things I'm making progress on
Buying Christmas presents, the book group book, reading all the books queued up on my Kindle

Things I'm proud of accomplishing this year so far
Walking a 5K every month, writing a list of good things for each day, keeping my house spick and span

Things I wish I could do right now
Hug my mother, meet my newest niece, talk to my dad
  • Current Music
    Erin McCarley—Vertigo