November 6th, 2021

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Sometimes you really need downtime. This weekend we have no plans, and today showed it. As a person who thrives on checking things off to-do lists, not doing anything is really hard for me, and often impossible, because of course, I can't do NOTHING for two days, even if it is a weekend with no plans.

So, even if I manage to sleep in until after 9 (which requires waking up at 6 to go to the bathroom, and 7 again because my internal clock is apparently set to get up for work regardless, and finally falling back asleep, and even if I then stay in bed for another hour or even two, reading and scrolling through social media and playing iPad games before I get up, once I DO get up, and shower and dress, there is always something that gets done, even if it's the bare minimum. Today, it was emptying the garbage cans, taking out the recycling, and doing laundry.

Laundry takes even longer than usual right now, because something is wrong with our dryer, and it doesn't always dry even though it's running for hours. Anders has looked at it but can't figure out exactly what is wrong. But running a dryer for hours is not optimal so we need to find a solution stat. Laundry is also a lazy man's chore, because it entails longer periods of waiting, which today I filled with reading. I finished the book group book, which I probably shouldn't even have started until laster this coming week because book group isn't until the 18th and it won't be fresh in my mind by then. And I started a new book, which is so far promising. I also did some more Christmas present shopping in between watching the birds who were flocking to our feeder in a frenzy.

I only put out the feeders this past week as soon as the bird seed showed up at our grocery store, and have already refilled them at least 3 times, because those little feathered fiends are ferocious eaters. We've had a whole flock of pheasants, including today SIX juvenile female hens, several mourning doves, blue tits, wood pigeons, a couple of magpies and a huge flock of LBJs.* They make a lot of happy noise out on the deck, chattering away as they fly in, hop about, and scatter again at the slightest movement or loud noise from inside the house. They're great fun to watch, though!

We've caught up with the Swedish Big Bang quiz show that we're watching, and watched 3 episodes of the second season of The Morning Show, which so far is moving very slowly. And tonight we watched an excellent documentary about Pete Sousa, the official White House photographer during Obama's presidency, The Way I See It. Anders is watching a mini series about the Olof Palme murder, but it wasn't something that I was drawn to watch. I'd rather read.

Tomorrow, there are also no plans, although if it's not raining all day like today, I'd like to try to get the November 5K done. We've also tentatively talked about going to the cemetery in Oxie to lay flowers and light candles for Anders' parents, and Karin has a soccer game late in the afternoon, though I'm not sure it's a home game, so she may not be available if we do go to Oxie. The only other thing on my agenda, besides at least one more load of laundry, is watering the plants. Ambitious!

Just right for a downtime weekend with no plans. :)

*Little brown jobs