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I suspect most people, when they're busy, find that time flies. They lose all track of time and suddenly it's 5 p.m. and the bell is ringing, "time to go home!"

This morning at work, where I was completely immersed in a huge, busy, fun, long list of projects and things to do and tasks to complete and jobs to handle, enough to have lasted what felt like several days I checked my watch, sure that I had missed lunch time and it was the middle of the afternoon, only to find it was ONLY 10:40 A.M.

That is SO unfair. And I had to keep working. O the unfairness!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Saving Grace
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Yes, so unfair when "time stands still"

You can always come over & do homeworks with my kids :)

I meant Homework *rolls eyes*

I hope that wasn't a link to another blog that someone was complaining about only the other day. I think my 3 words still stand :)

Pbbb! I've had her linked already for ages. She's a daily read.

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