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How cool is this?! I just got my new business cards for work and when I went to put a small stash of them in my purse, I found THREE gift certificates in the inside pocket that I had completely forgotten about! 1000 kronor to spend on books and 400 on JEWELRY! WOOT! I smell a shopping spree!

Karin called last night from the cabin while I was at choir practice and the message on the answering machine went something like this, only much much faster and more high-pitched:

Mama! Mama! Mama?? MAMA!! Martin, you have to come here! Mama just keeps talking like this blablablablablabla* only really fast and all in SWEDISH! Mama is so silly! Listen! Martin! Come and listen! Papa! Mama is so silly! She's only speaking Swedish! Papa! PAPA! PA-click

I laughed for 10 minutes. Then I called them back but she was already in bed. Anders said she didn't understand that it was an answering machine. Hee! She was so hyped up she sounded like she was on speed.

And OH! Choir started up again last night! I was dead-tired but I knew I'd get an energy kick from practice so I went anyway, and it was GREAT! And I'm so glad to be singing again after a month off, and we had FIVE new people! And we started THREE totally new songs, and they were all really cool, and did I mention that I LOVE choir?

*this was her sticking her tongue in and out really fast while saying blablablablabla
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*giggles* She's such a character. I bet it's weird for her to hear you speaking Swedish quickly and in your 'professional' voice.

YAY for finding vouchers! :) Whatcha gonna buy?

You feel about choir the exact way I feel about bellydancing. :) Isn't it grand when you get to start back?!

I know what you mean about bellydancing! I can tell when you talk about it that it's exactly the same thing :)

As for what I'm going to buy...dunno yet, but I think I'll order all the books I've been wanting for awhile, if they don't have them!

hehehehe..your kids are so funny!

Books, jewelry...couldn't ask for better :)

I think Karin's a keeper. Fantastic!

We actually have the same problem with my MIL who can't quite grasp that Lars-Göran really isn't on the phone telling her that he's unavailable to talk and to please leave a message.

Shopping spree sounds great - especially the book part of it.

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I have to wait until the digital camera comes home, then I can tape it and transfer it to the computer :)

Except it's all in Swedish, so I don't know how much you'll enjoy it :P

I have a habit of leaving money in books and then forgetting about it. Always such a lovely surprise. So much better than if you just kept track of it. Ooh a shopping spree. Have fun.

And Karin just keeps cracking me up.

Yay for found money! ;-)

Kids are sooo much fun at that age, aren't they? Thanks for making me grin at the end of a really long day!


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