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Flat Stanley arrived in Sweden last week, but since Martin & Karin, and more importantly, the camera, were gone, we were forced to wait until today to give him a tour of Flyinge. He was sent here by my sister's daughter Rachel, and will be heading to Germany tomorrow for a quick tour of "Mad King" Ludwig's castles with johann_metzger before heading back to Virginia to share his travels with Rachel's class. He'll be taking along a viking helmet and a Swedish flag and we've uploaded photos of his visit to Flyinge.

Yesterday was a gorgeous clear sunshiney day, but I didn't have the camera until Anders and the kids got home in the evening. So, today we started out after lunch, and it was SNOWING LIKE CRAZY. Which it still is. :) Which made it a bit hard to take decent pictures.

Anyway, Stanley went with us (in his very own stylish pink snowsuit, as you will see) to the Flyinge Kungsgård Stables, the former Royal Stables for all of Sweden. The horse center and stables is one of the oldest in the world, with buildings from the 12th century. In 1661 it became a national royal stable by order of King Karl Gustaf the Tenth, and in 1983 it turned over to Flyinge Township. (Official photos from Flyinge Kungsgård) Not just a stable, it is also a breeding center, a vocational college, a veterinary school and a competition training center. The stables house over 200 horses, and in cooperation with other farms and estates in the area, there are over 600 horses in Flyinge. We took a photo of him with one of the horses (named Brunte) and behind the stables we took some photos with the storks.

The Flyinge Stork Project raises storks and releases them into the wild. Parts of Flyinge are protected wetlands where the storks can move freely and find the kind of food they need. We often see them out in the fields, and their huge nests cover almost all of the chimneys at the stables.

Then we went to Flyinge's very own runestone. The inscription reads: The East-Gårdstånga Runestone: Cited by Skonvig circa 1623, by Worm 1643, and Wadbeck 1667. It originally stood in Västervång in a group of raised stones. Around 1593 it was moved to an estate near the present East Gårdstånga, and in the 1830's it was moved to Flyinge Kungsgårds Park, then brought back to its present site in 1947. The stone is from the Viking era (800-1050 B.C.) The text of the runes on the stone reads: "Tholv and Ulv raised these stones in memory of their comrade Asmund Lippe."

See Flat Stanley's visit to Flyinge, Sweden!

Kungsgård: Kungz-gourd; Flyinge: Flee-ing-eh; Gårdstånga: Gourd-stow-ng-ah; Västervång: Vest-er-voh-ng

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Promise of Spring Joyous Birthday Wishes to ladyvox!

Too Cute! Clean Your Computer Screen for Free! (thanks for the link, ladyvox!)
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What a terrific idea. It's a bit like what they do with huggys_home, but this has an educational component as well.

I can't believe the snow. Both L-G and I are flabbergasted. We have not a solitary flake here in Nynäshamn, though it is svinkallt. Clear blue skies, sunshine (and big sunglasses!) but no snow.

That's what we had yesterday, so beware. We've got snow everywhere now, and it's still coming down, although it keeps fluctuating how much.

oh my gosh- your kids have twin coats- how cute is that?

LOL! I never really thought about it. There isn't a lot of choice here in Sweden, and Karin refuses to wear anything from the girl's department, so... :D

Oh, how cool -- thanks for sharing!

Your post reminded me to look up Flyinge's runestone in my book of runestones, and there it is! Not terribly interesting to anybody else, probably...

It's in a book? cool! It's a pretty boring runestone, as runestones go, and it's not anything much to look at either.

I have a book (or perhaps you would call it a scholarly tome, even) of all Viking-age runestones, and there's a catalogue of all known at the time, with measurements and various other metrics. There are actually three in the area of Gårdstånga.

Took me a few moments to find it, until I remembered that Skåne is listed under 'Denmark and Bornholm'. The book uses an annoying mixture of historic and modern geographical demarcations.

Where are the other 2 in Gårdstånga?

Unfortunately, this book doesn't give precise locations, but it does reference another book that might be of more use. It lists 3 in the area of Gårdstånga, one that is 218 cm tall (I'm guessing that's the one you have there), one that's 100 cm tall, and another that's 128 cm tall. Does yours have a cross on it, or anything that could possibly be an equal-armed cross? Now I'm curious and am going to look up this other book and see if I can find it.

It's also annoying that this book lists all the inscriptions for stones in Uppland (where there was the highest concentration), but not for the rest.

No, mine just has runes. You can see the picture of it here:

We had a flat Sam here in October. The best part was explaining to people what I was doing taking pictures of a little paper figure. I cursed myself everytime I forgot to bring him with me since I would inevitably see someone famous.

Famous? Like who?

Well, famous in Swedish standards. Lots of Swedish TV actors/actresses. Some singers like Eagle Eye Cherry. I think he must live at Skärmabrink since he always steps off the sub there.

How fun! I always loved the idea of Flat Stanley!

Thank you for your wishes:) And yeah, that link was just too cute to not share huh? :) I love it.

LOL! I loved having my screen cleaned! That was the cutest. (Yes, I am a cat person, can you tell?)

What a fun idea. What does he like to eat? Flat bread?

Hee! He's very partial to wafers.

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