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The day is framed by a pale winter palette. The sky lightens a pale blue and lavender with streaks of rosy glow on the horizon where the sun is slowly being revealed by the turning of the earth. Later, the sun, setting, darkens the pale blue and lavender with streaks of rosy glow on the horizon exactly opposite its morning view, slowing sinking down into hiding. Snow bleaches the whole world white, there is only shadow and sun. The moon this morning, an enormous beveled disc, thrown by some gigantic muscled Olympian, hung incongruously alone and shining on the spotless blue background of the sky, its silver surface tarnished with the grey smudges of its landscape. We turn and turn and are still amazed each morning.

Mucho stresso: AWC website/newsletter/calendar/program/nametags all due tonight, and if I want to watch West Wing it has to be done by 10 p.m EEK
mood: stressed
music: Jackson Browne—Running On Empty


You've pretty much described the world as I know it too. And you are SO right about that moon. I've never seen the thing so big. I love that it's out most of the day too.

Did it take you a while to get your sense of direction around here? I base my sense of direction on the sun...and when it never comes off the horizon, well, I'm a little disfunctional!

I have a very unreliable sense of direction here. I don't know why. In Chicago I always, ALWAYS knew where I was and where the lake was in relation to me. I'm only just now, after 8 years, starting to feel confident about getting around this area.

I'm so bummed that I totally missed that moon today. It sounds incredible.

Is this your last AWC busybee session before handover?

no, sadly. Turnover isn't until September. The moon was HUGE! and amazing! The whole day was so incredibly gorgeous.

I watched that same moon over here on the other side of the pond. It was amazing. Big and bold. Rising over the river and the hot springs where we camped last night. And next to it the dipper clear and lovely. What a night! What a moon!

And it's equally gorgeous today! Seems like it's been full for 3 days in a clear, sunshiney sky! What a winter gift! :)

I didn't go out to see it last night :-(
Tired, transitioning home, I watched West Wing and ignored the piles of unpacking to do, and thus missed that beautiful disk in the sky.

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