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It's bloody cold here. This morning when I drove to work it was -7C, and even though the sun has been shining for TWO SOLID DAYS, it's been below zero for most of it. Anders is a walking furnace and so are my children so they never seem to notice the cold in the house, but I can't seem to stay warm, and it's not the fault of the house apparently, it's just ME. Especially when I'm sitting still working at the computer. I sometimes feel my hands and feet will fall off they get so cold. I've tried typing with gloves on, but it doesn't really work, and even layering up doesn't help much since it seems as though the cold is bone deep. I did finally warm up in bed last night after :P

I don't mind the cold usually. I LIKE being cold, much more than I like being hot, that's for sure. I could never live year round any place that was really hot, and Sweden's temperatures, at least down here at the southern end, suit me just fine. During the summer, when it IS hot relatively warm, I'm forever throwing doors and windows open and turning fans on.

There are snow flakes swirling aimlessly like large, floaty dust particles outside of my window. It's as if the air was suddenly filled with white glitter. I refuse to close the curtains even though the sun is stabbing me in the eyes and causing red and black afterimages each time I glance up, because it's WARM ON MY HANDS. It's like having living gloves of fire and heat. Imagine if this was how Midas felt! I'm pretty sure I could turn things to gold right now, just by reaching out and gently touching them with these hands.

It's now been officially a year since I last updated our family website with photos. I blame this journal, partly. It's so much easier to throw a photo up here because I get instant feedback and I don't have to put a lot of extra time into editing a folder full of photos to the correct size and then building the webpages for them. I'm resolved to get the update I've been working halfassedly on for the last 6 months up before the end of February. Or March. Yeah, March sounds reasonable. Actually, I think that in the future, instead of trying to do a bulk update of 25+ folders of photos every 3-4 months, that I'll just update each time I have a new batch. But first the major cleanup/update needs to be dealt with. I have photos going all the way back to last February, and only about half of them are edited. sigh

Aside to LJ friends in Sweden: Does anyone know what's happened to gissa and swingtime? They haven't updated since last fall. :(
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I've been trying to call swingtime, but her phone is busy a lot and she also has a phone phobia, so maybe it's off the hook. I know that her mother has had to be put into a home due to age and illness and she has been spending a LOT of time with her as well. I miss her.

Sad about her mom :( That would certainly explain her absence here. If you do get ahold of her, please tell her I'm thinking of her!

Do you know how to automate batches of photos in PhotoShop? I get all my photos ready for TypePad that way. I'll be glad to post the process if that would help you. I resize them to a standard width and then "save for the web" which reduces the dpi to a reasonable level.

I would love to have an automated process, if you have the time post it for me! I do a lot of cropping when I edit, too, which perhaps wouldn't be possible if I want them all to be the same size?

Brrrr....chilly chilly! I hate when my hands get cold working on the computer. It makes me type all awful.

Nice icon.

Feeling cold so much is just not fun. I like to sleep in a cool room for good breathing, yet my body parts get too cold. (Not now. We're having sunny and warmish.) I'm really into comfort these days. Hot water bottles in the bed are very effective, for those nights when you don't have a little help.. I've been warming largish river rocks on the heater and putting those in the bed lately (before the warm streak)
Also, have you tried gloves with the fingers cut off? A heating pad? Wow, you got my 'Mom' advice giver going there...
Loving your description of the swirling flakes.

LOL! Thanks, mom :) I don't have any gloves with the fingers cut off, but that's a good thought. Although I suspect it's my circulation at fault, and not the actual temperature.

of course you're cheerful . . .

. . . after getting all warmed up last night . . .*hee*

Re: of course you're cheerful . . .

nipple chafing! nipple chafing! hahahahah!!

Cold. I hear you sister. Why have I been off line for three days? Because of the freaking BLIZZARD we just had and temps in the single digits (Fahrenheit, so like -12C) and winds up to 30+ miles an hour. We've got 18 inches of snow and temps are not expected to crack the freezing mark until Friday. I've been wearing long underwear under my pants inside the house. Last night I almost thought I would be able to see my breath as I sat there watching tv.

Seems like I've been in long underwear for months! Next year I'm getting silk ones. (they're on my wish list)

It's bloody cold here. This morning when I drove to work it was -7C

I take it this means that Spring in Sweden is over? ;-)

We've had clear skies since the blizzard ended on Sunday, but the windchill makes 10F feel like wicked-negative Fahrenheit, instead. And more snow tonight into tomorrow...

Speaking of "Mom advice", my mother has terrible problems with arthritis in her hands, and cold temperatures make it even worse. On her doctor's advice, she's been sleeping in Isotoner gloves (those stretchy ones) for a while now, and finds that it makes a big difference. She says it was quite weird at first, but now that she's used to it, it does help her sleep more soundly, because her hands don't get as cold.

Personally, I love a cold room for sleeping, but I must confess that I wear my slipper-socks as bed-socks when I go to sleep. For some reason, as long as my feet are warm, the rest of me doesn't seem to get cold (also, if you have to get up in the middle of the night, bedsocks really reduce the chilliness of any bare floors you have to cross). I like putting a spare blanket over the very foot of the bed, too.

It's funny, but I'm only cold while I'm trying to fall asleep, most of the time after I've cuddled up under the covers for awhile, I'm throwing them off and sticking my hands and legs out. I love a cold room for sleeping in, for the most part, too. I can't imagine sleeping in gloves, but if this continues I may have to give it a try!

I did finally warm up in bed last night after :P

Jag förstår inte vad du menar och jag tror att det blir inte så lätt att förklara. :)

It's really cold and snowy here as well, but I quite like it after so much wishy-washy weather lately. I'm also a walking furnace (add to that the dreaded hot flushes just to spice things up) so that may explain it. Remember Liz, there isn't bad weather, only bad clothing.

I asked cockermom about gissa last week and she was going to say hello from us all at lj and let Gloria know that we missed her. I also miss seeing swingtime, but Carolyn would know more about her.

*smacks you for saying that about the bad clothing*

Have you ever used an infrared lamp? It works wonders to help you get warm from the inside.

no, I haven't...are they expensive?

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