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Winter wears a silver strand of pearls. Each day is a new pearl strung 'round Winter's neck. They're variegated in color, white to pale blue, dusty grey to muted steel and back again. Sunny days rest inbetween like diamonds, sharply cut, sparkling, a fierce and bright shine.

I couldn't wait until the book sales. Those gift certificates burned a hole in my pocket. I went back to the bookstore last night and came out with a haul of beautiful, inky-smelling, colorfully dust-covered or shiny printed paperback books, fiendishly giggling and rubbing my hands together. Part of me wished I could head straight home to flop on the couch and open them one by one, sticking my nose in between the pages to breathe deeply of the smell of paper and ink and unknown stories. BUT! Sushi and really fast, loud English-conversation was on the menu so alas, my books had to wait.

Can I just say that Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell had better be worth it!? It's got to be the biggest damn book I've ever owned. It's bigger than my dictionary, for crying out loud. Although to be fair, my dictionary has more pages.* The haul also included a new Philip Pullman, a book of luscious-looking short stories by Philippa Gregory, a new LeGuin, and 3 others.

I just finished a book about the lies and cherished myths of world history that idahoswede sent me, and it was an interesting, fun, breezy read. I would have liked a little more background on some of the facts the author presented, rather than just bald statements, but it was refreshingly straightforward and at the same time, humbling to realize that so very much of what we're taught, not just in school, but throughout literature and media, is WRONG. Twisted history, indeed. Corkscrew, more like.

The AWC meeting was a lot of fun, and to be honest, it was the first meeting in a long time, where I had that energetic, motivated, HAPPY feeling about the club again. There was a charge in the air...maybe because of all the new members and guests, I don't know. It was nice. It was nice to feel a part of it. It was nice to look around and realize I was surrounded by friends and good friends and friends-to-be.

This week is turning out to be pretty damned good. New books, deadlines met, meeting friends, happy family at home, choir, sunshine, fun work, sushi, good food, payday...what else could I want? Oh yes, a massage. :P

*and words! O so many more words!

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