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There are moose on top of my computer. They make me happy.

I think it's strange that moose don't go "moo" when it seems like such a logical thing for them to say.

I was all excited about having 4 days in a row with no plans, but I forgot about my sister-in-law turning 40 so now it's 3 days in a row and a birthday party.

Number of Swedes Who Have Walked Into My Office So Far Today And Spoken English With Me Despite Being Perfectly Well Aware That I Speak Fluent Swedish: 7

That should probably annoy me, but mostly it's just amusing.

Is there anything more boring than flow charts?

On top of my giant pile of books to read, I also received our next book group book from the library which was ordered over a week ago, April Witch by Majgull Axelsson, and they start counting the days on loan from the day it leaves the main library, which was the 16th, so now I have only until the 16th of February to read it as well, and even though I could perfectly well read it by the end of this weekend if not faster, I want to read my OTHER bought-for-pleasure books first. *grumble*

Was that a long enough run-on sentence for you?

Also, what the hell kind of name is Majgull?

Whenever my daughter leaves the house to go play with one of her friends in the neighborhood, she asks us what time she has to be home, and after we tell her, say "five o'clock," she mutters it to herself over and over all the way out the door and up the street, "klockan fem klockan fem klockan fem...," so as not to forget (which doesn't always work). Yesterday, while driving home, Anders called me in the car and asked me to stop and buy milk. Then he added hotdogs and buns to the list, and I added Pepsi Max, and then I repeated it all a couple of times. Whereupon he laughed, and then so did I, and said, "Well, now we know where she gets it from."

Completely & Totally Cracking Me Up: The Definition of Things

*Yes, I know, it's not a word. But it OUGHT TO BE one, don'tcha think? And after I googled it, I discovered there are lots of other people out there using it regardless of the fact that it's not a real word. So there.
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oik. i googled April Witch and it looks like an interesting read. i'll await your review ;D

Finished it yesterday. It WAS an interesting read, and very well translated. Mostly though, I felt sorry for every one of the characters mixed with quite a bit of distaste. It's thorough, engaging, complex, not at all predictable. But the ending just sort of drops off and leaves you disappointed. Overall, 3 stars out of 5.

ooh thanks. good enough to add to The List, i feel :)

I think the word you are looking for is coalesce.

I do the repeating thing as well! Especially when I have to dash in to the supermarket for a couple of things - I also count them on my fingers. And I must look a sight standing there counting and muttering "Milk, bread, parmesan cheese....shit! What was the fourth thing? Milk, bread, parmesan cheese...Damn!"

I think you are right. Coalesce is such a nice word. Except for the fact that it wouldn't come to me when I needed it. Stupid brain word.

Oh good! Then I can blame Karin on you! :P

It's old age, my dear. I've forgotten so many words and it annoys the hell out of me.

Karin is great! I'd be happy to have someone think I had an influence on her.

I read that first line as:

There are moose traps on my computer.

"Hmmmm...." I thought. And I was about to think something further, when I read it correctly. Oh well...we'll never know what brilliant thought I came up with.

Hmmm...maybe if I put a moose trap on my computer I could actually trap a moose! I have lots of room in my giant office for a moose. :)

So tell me, what the kind of hell name IS Majgull?

I asked you first! :P

Heh. I saw April Witch at a bargain book store a couple weeks ago and thought about picking it up (it had a pretty cover). But I decided not to because I too wanted to read other books I had already bought first. How synchronous of us.

The name I can't deal with is Rigmor. I one saw an ad for a funeral home on a bus in Stockholm, and the proprietor was named Rigmor Something-or-other.

I couldn't have made that up if I tried.

LOL, again! You are cracking me up today. Rigmor. Not seriously!?

Liz, your shopping list mantra reminds me of a little Sesame Street segment when I was a kid. Container of milk, loaf of bread, stick of butter. Except the kid says buttah and all the of's are just uh's. The kid finally remembers what they are supposed to buy, and I've had that stuck in my head for lo these 30-odd years.

I remember that segment. As soon as I started reading the line, I was saying it in my head, buttah and all. :)

"Number of Swedes Who Have Walked Into My Office So Far Today And Spoken English With Me Despite Being Perfectly Well Aware That I Speak Fluent Swedish: 7"

Yup, I get this all the time too. I think they just want to show you how good their English is and then complain that nobody learns their language.

It's a never-ending source of amusement to me. I've been here 8 years, and people I've worked with for ages do it!

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