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Wheee! Check out the new header on my LJ! Thanks to gentle_dream for pointing me in the right direction and to my friend Russell for being my Tech Support and aeval for giving me the correct code to make the darn thing work how I wanted it to! *happy dance*

Bright and Bouncy Birthday Wishes to doggereler!
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music: Johnny Clegg—Third World Child

Awesome New Header!!

Oh Lizardek-- the header is too awesome!!! Love it. ~bluepoppy

Re: Awesome New Header!!

wish you could see the top half of the picture, it's hilarious! But it was just too tall. Maybe I'll switch out for the next time when I feel like changing :D

Cute!! ;-)

Hey, you're listening to Johnny Clegg, I still have a vinyl album by him somewhere!

Sweet Pea, your link has Lizardek spelled wrong. But I'm way jealous of the header goodness you've pointed us towards.

DOH! That's what I get for typing all excited. Thanks for letting me know, I've fixed it now.

I only thought it was funny because it was your own name! Honest! :D

*blushes* :P

hehehe...very appropriate! ;-)

I love it!! Looks amazing!

So cute!

Cool, I love it!!! Now all *WE* need to do is help Marie come up with and install one in her journal. ;-p

HELP Marie? Man, you need to do the whole damn thing for me. As if I have the first clue wtf I'm doing here. Though the thought of what you two would cook up is vaguely frightening.

Now I need something very me - sweet, soft, angelic, innocent etc.

Like this?


Hey, are we twins or what?

I LOVE IT!!! I want it!

way cool!! it's nice to have friends who are smarter than me :-)

I'm so pleased you managed to get it working! Looks fabulous and goodness, isn't Felix so very Karin like in behaviour :)

Findus! Findus!! Not Felix :O

Well, blame L-G. I knew it was an F word and usually he's good at F-words :) I was too tired to think, which is why I trusted him.

LOL! In that case, I suppose it could have been much worse. :P

Oh, very nice! I like it, a lot! The background you are using, I have used for a while as well, except that mine was lightpurple heh:)

Yarr! Shiver me Timber, its looks ubercool!

Wow it looks fantastic!! I would love love love love love to know how you did that :)

Do you want step by step instructions?

Well I think that would be asking a bit much :) It was more a rhetorical comment ... no need to go into detail, I will have a play around and see if I can work some things out and perhaps get in touch with some questions, but if you feel you have any critical tips to pass on they are most welcome :)

Well, this one is for The Boxer layout, but if you go to the boxer_help community, you will see the code that I used in the advanced customizations.

It looks great!

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