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When your cheekbones feel as though they are cutting through your skin from the inside out, hot and shiny and sharp, you know you're sick.

When there seems to be a film of rainbow-smeared oil across your eyes that makes everything you look at swirl and blur, you know you're sick.

When the sound of other people's voices becomes faint and muggy, and comprehension takes a dive, leaving you sitting and staring, you know you're sick.

I went to bed at 7 o'clock yesterday evening after a small bowl of chicken soup for dinner. My feet were cold but my head was hot. Today I've had to stop every few seconds to blow my nose even though there isn't anything there except a tickling drip. My tongue feels coated and swollen. My lips are chapped. The common cold certainly lends itself to glamour and self-esteem.

I wasn't going to write in my journal today either, because I was feeling pretty sorry for myself (having to work despite obvious deathbed-looming illness) and apathetic, and also because being sick was giving me an excuse not to, and hey, no one would miss me, right? I thought to myself, "how many days could I go without LJ?"

mood: thirsty
music: Yaz—Only One


Poor thing. I've been wondering if you were feeling any better today and I'm sorry to see the answer is no. You'd better stay home tomorrow! Off to bed with you right now!

Oh - you've got it now! Poor you! That's how mine started - the drippy eyes.

Rest well.

Oh no! The lurgy of DOOOOOM has crossed over to Sweden!

*makes you homemade potato soup which is known for having amazing healing properties*

I hope you get well soon sweetie. *hughughug*

So sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I'll spare you the puns today, just send you virtual chicken soup and our wishes for a speedy recovery.


You got it bad girl :( ~ I bet that even LJ doesn't feel the same and not even a hug would please you right now the way that you are feeling. Maybe just one in spirit ((( hugs )))

awww, feel better soon!!

I understand your obsession. I am typing this with one eye closed. Why? Because I thought I was getting a sty a day ago but looked in the mirror earlier today to see a swelling forming under my eye and the eye is red and uncomfortable and it's better if I try not to open it. I have worked all day, feeling like a pirate without a patch. Hot compresses and a bed beckon soon. Hope you feel better, especially with the news that if things go well, we might be "neighbors" by this spring.

That would be ultra-cool :)

Ohhhh...poor Lizarek, all ickie sickie. Feel better soon!

Hope you get better soon. Yucky-sicky has just got to go away!

Yuck! For what it's worth, your definitions of what it's like to be sick were very good. If you can call such a thing good, that is.. but I did recognize them immediately! I hope you feel better soon!

I'm impressed you typed all this when you've been that sick! Get better soon!

Shoo, child! Get back to bed!

I cannot BELIEVE you went to work while oh so very sick. I'm impressed with your work ethic, but highly recommend some time in 'the bed', with lots of orange juice and more chicken soup. Poor liz!

Thanks be to god for TYLENOL Cold & Flu medicine!

You poor thing. Ouch. I empathise...

You need a mommy! I hope you feel better soon.

Oh! I DO! Where's MY mommy when I need her?!

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling any better. I wish you lots of chicken soup and the knowledge that, while we do miss you, it's more important for you to rest.

*growl* stay. in. bed. you can't be working when you feel like that.

i hope you feel better soon ~xox~

can't :( too much to do. I feel a bit more human today though.

Sorry you aren't feeling well- colds are the worst. I am starting week 3 of mine!

I'd miss you! Hope you get better. My boss has a cold and I fear I might come down with it this weekend.

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