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How the heck did it get to be Sunday evening already?! Weekends go way too fast. Even when we don't have a lot of plans, they go way too fast, but when we do have things going on, they go even faster and MAN, I wish someone would put the 4-day work week into effect already or at least give me back my free Fridays. sigh

Time flows like a river. Who said that first? It moves around and past us, but it doesn't leave us in its wake, it carries us along with it, and like water, the damage is visible finally when we're washed up to shore, battered, smoothed, worn away. Some days I'm completely content to float along, fetching up wherever the water of time takes me; other times I struggle against the current, trying madly to paddle, to bail, to gain another few minutes. It slips away like water, leaves my hands damp and dripping.

We're caught fast in a torrent of time.


Saturday night we had dinner with old friends. Good friends that we don't see often enough. They have 2 cocker spaniels, extremely personable, well-behaved dogs, and we spent a portion of the evening deep in dog-talk, while Karin petted and loved on Eddie and Chimay. They loaned us a "new puppy" manual and the videotape that accompanies it. The kids watched the first half of it this evening, and after declaring at the sight of each new puppy onscreen, "I want one like that," Karin begged me with tears in her eyes for us to get two for her and one for the rest of us. We're going to have to do something about this SOON. reebert! How is your dog-breeding plan moving along??
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Weekends definitely go too fast. A few minutes ago, it was Friday night, now it's Sunday night!!


You are in BIG trouble.....a puppy manual and video!!! You're about to fall off the cliff!! Yeah, I know it's near impossible to resist Karin when she turns on those pleading eyes...But!!!!
Well, it's taken Akela nearly 11 years to become mellow and almost controllable, maybe you can find a puppy that's trainable much earlier than this, but I strongly recommend a through study of dog traits! Love, Lizardmom

Well, I've certainly learned by watching what my siblings have gone through that a husky is NOT on the shortlist!

I can see Karin's eyes already. I think she'll love the dog to bits, but inevitably the bulk of the hard work will fall in mum's lap. A dog is for life and I know of many, many parents who are looking after the dogs that offspring begged for. Our own little Lambi is actually Madde's dog. She was interested for two years only, then the call of her friends was too much and good old dad ended up with sole custody. So I wouldn't be in a huge hurry.

Well, she's not alone in her desire, just in her INTENSITY. If we could get a cat, there wouldn't be any question, really.

("I choose vodka, and Chaka Khan")

Good metaphor - I feel the water flow too. A bit battered, but not too smooth today - maybe resting on a big rock in the middle for a minute.

What they said! Remember that when you have a dog your weekends are going to go even faster, with dog duties added to the endless list of what needs doing. Ah, but they are soooo cute. Good luck. What type are you leaning toward?

a black lab, although after having read and fallen in love with Lad: A Dog in my childhood, I've never quite given up the idea of having a collie. :)


We had a black Lab for 13 years while we were growing up--she was the BEST dog. My brother has always had Labs since (in addition to other breeds--he and his wife and kids always have a lot of pets...they just got a pug, too, and adore her). Labs are so fabulously loyal and loving and protective. ~Marilyn

P.S. I tried to get to your site earlier today...and it said it couldn't access LJ...thought maybe they were down again.

Huh? really? I didn't notice any downtime, but I wasn't on the computer for most of the day.

Labs are sure friendly. Collies are cuddly, aren't they? But that long hair everywhere...

I know. Hair. I have enough trouble dealing with my OWN hair!

You need a cairn terrier. Very social, great with kids, small, but rugged enough to go crazy and take any rough and tumble the kids can dish out. Also, remember my cardinal rule of dog ownership: "Never own anything that s**ts larger than you do." Especially here, you HAVE to pick it up.

nope. :) Sofie is darling, but we want a big dog. I've changed diapers, so I can handle pretty much anything smaller than cow.

Okay, you go for size over substance! :-D

I was skimming Dawn/Dbrus' friends lj page and seen cocker spaniels and had to comment =)

They are really nice dogs. Maybe you'll know the answer to this. Our friends said that there are only 3 "official" colors to the breed: brown (liver), black-and-white, and blue roan (a sort of mottled black-and-white)...I could swear there are golden-beige colored I insane?

There are 16 different colors to English Cocker Spaniels. :) Your friend should take a peek at the following page. :D

I've got 3 of the 16 colors, lol.. Red, Orange Roan, and Blue Roan.

I'm glad to know I'm NOT insane! :D


O man! You really opened yourself up here! Now everyone is clamouring about trying to press upon you the merits of their dog's breed! Let me join the chorus!!! Would that Finny J was capable of being a mommy! I was look at litters of Flat Coated Retrievers (FCRs) on Fotolog the other day and practically salivating all over myself at the prospect of all the roly poly adorableness!!! But alas... We had her spayed when she was six months old because we had no intention of showing her or breeding her and having females spayed before their first heat entirely eliminates any chance they might develop breast cancer! She is a fabulous dog... utterly devoted and loving, but fun, playful, spirited and smart as a whip. Loves people, Loves kids (especially those who look like they might be just the right age and temperment for a rousing game of stick or ball throwing (sound like anyone you know?!!!). Only probably is she's not so crazy about other dogs ... not typically a feature of her breed. Usually FCRs get along well with other animals. And Finn did too for the first two years... we think she became defensive with other dogs after she injured her back (on the flight here when we moved). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend FCRs as a breed... they're beautiful and super intelligent and fun-loving and great companions. And they're significantly less commom than other retriever breeds. But they are high energy and require alot of exercise and stimulation. Finn is very well-behaved in the house, ideal really. But she also gets two hours of offleash exercise a day (EVERY DAY) and a lot of attention. And the other thing is FCRs aren't the kind of dog you can leave on their own for hours and hours... not because they'll become destructive or anything, but because they're so social, they become depressed. They are not good "kennel" dogs. to be continued...wee


I think the hubster and I are devote FCRs fans now, but that said, I think any of the retriever breeds would be ideal for your family. The one thing about Labs is that they do shed and their hair has a tendancy to weave itself into EVERYTHING and be hard to vacumn up. Finn sheds, of course (particularly spring and fall) but her fur is supper soft and silky (wish mine was as nice!) and vacumns up easily. Also very easy coat to maintain. Labs tend to be a little more low key once they mature and require less exercise and stimulation and are a little less sensitive (we can't say the word "no" at all to Finn, even in a joking way unless we are really serious, otherwise she thinks she's done something horrific)... FCRs are known as the "Peter Pan" of dogs... they never grow up! Finn is five and still acts like a puppy out on our walks. Also, with Labs and Golden Retrievers you really have to watch for hip dysplasia which is more of a problem because of their popularity and overbreeding. My parents have a collie and my family always had standard collies when I was growing up and they are wonderful dogs no doubt. But they are also more prone to health problems (particularly eye problems) and they can be barkers and ... I hate to say it... biters (although we never had a problem with our collies and we've had four from different breeders, all quite different in personality) This is part of their inbred herding behaviour... nipping at the heels of the herd. Still, I love them unreservedly!!! And they are great family dogs, very protective and they take their responsabilities very seriously. Border collies are great dogs too... but they require constant stimulation and exercise or they get bored and become destructive/depressed.

And I totally agree on the big dog front (although Finn is kind of more medim sized to my mind at 60 pounds! Still, she's taller than me when stretched out!) But over all, no matter what breed you get, you will love them!! There is nothing quite like the love and devotion of a good dog and I can't imagine my life without them! So... hurry! I wanna see those puppy picks! I'm probably just as insistent as Karin! Hurry! Hurry HARD! (do you psuedo-swedes get the curling refrences?!!)

xo Wee


One more FCR bonus feature: incredibly easy to house-train! Finny was mostly house-trained in a matter of four days (as in very reliable with just a few accidents) and completely house trained within two weeks! Also, we were able to leave her with complete run of the house for four or five hours by the time she was five months old, although I don't know if this is typical. We didn't "kennel/crate train" which is the most common way of doing it now because I worked from homw and could keep an eye on her. We made a kennel for her in the basement for when we went out but she was a regular little Houdini and managed to get out everytime! Miraculous given all obstacles we rigged up! We were terrified she would get into something chemical in the basement (fertilizer, paint, what have you) and so we started leaving her upstairs and discovered that was no problem whatsoever. She just layed on the loveseat with her head propped up on the back of the couch snoozing and watching out the window for us to return! granted, the longest we left her on her own til she was about a year was about five hours, but still! I'm completely overcome with love for my doggity!!! It's pretty much impossible for me to overstate my love for her!!!! So, um... I should probably show her how devoted I am and take her for the walk she keeps hinting about and I keep procrastinating on!!! xo Wee

You are so sweet to take the time to give me all that info!! Thank you!! I think Finn is one of the prettiest (and most personable for a dog I've never met) dogs I've seen, but you make a good point that if we aren't going to be able to promise that level of stimulation and exercise every day (and we won't) then her breed might not be right for us.

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