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Did some friends list trimming. I always start getting antsy when it gets close to 100. I only cut a few and mostly people I felt I wasn't connecting with for whatever reason. Nothing personal.

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Love love LOVE that last picture of Karin! Your children are, as always, really adorable. You and Anders make pretty babies!

But only TWO of them!! :D

Oh, those faces! I love these pictures -- both of your kids are so expressive!

Great pictures! Do they get along that well in real life all the time or only when you have the camera in your hand?

They actually get along amazingly well, and spend a LOT of time playing amiably together...although they do, of course, have their moments. :)

These are all digital pictures right? Karin is going to love that last one so much when she is all grown up. It is making me giddy.

You do have a big list of LJ friends but when I see how much people love to participate in your journal I am not suprised how much you are loved on here with your interesting entries. Sometimes cuts are needed but they are the hardest thing I find.

It IS hard, and I agonize about it for ages before and after, actually. But I don't think I'm being honest with myself either when I keep people on my list that I'm not connecting with, or not reading.

Can't. Stop. Giggling! at those, especially the first one (which just screams ICON! at me *g*).

They were so funny! You should see some of the ones I didn't post :D


Awwww! Who needs puppies when you have kids that cute?!! Okay, okay... I would still need a dog if I had the most adorable children on earth and I think it's just plain neglectful to bring your children up with out a dog (nudge, nudge, wink, wink... shhh! don't tell anyone but Karin paid me to say that)

One last word on the FCR front... I hope I haven't scared you off entirely with all the exercise/stimulation stuff. I would still check them out as a breed if I were you! there's a tone of sites on the net (FCR people seem to get pretty fanatical) In all the literature I've read, they keep reiterating how the most important thing about raising an FCR is making them a part of your family and letting them spend time with you. In my experience, that's completely true. As much as she loves it, Finn has no desire to be outside if she has to go alone. She would much rather be wherever you are. And also, we're completely kidless and don't have the same level of energy as we once did. sigh.. I'm sure your kids can keep any dog plenty busy/stimulated and exercised! So don't write them off just yet. Check them out! They're not that easy to find but worth the look. I think it would be hard to find a more people frendly, intelligent and beautiful breed.

And don't thank me... any excuse to rattle o about my girl! xo Wee

I promise I will check out FCRs! :) :) :)

That first picture is priceless!!! Man, do I get *that look* Karen is giving you tons. Might have something to do with the fact that I am always pointing my camera in everyone's faces.

Your kids look like they could be twins. I love that. All three of mine look like they were adopted from three different families.

Great pictures.

Gorgeous kids!!

100 friends??!!! Crikey, how the hell do you read them all???

I KNOW! That's why I felt forced to do a bit of cutting. I wasn't reading everyone, and there are still a lot of people on my list that don't post much, and some that only have LJs to be able to comment, so it's a deceptive list, really.

Gee, thanks, Liz, you're making my ovaries twitch with all the cuteness. ;)

Then my job here is done. :P

Gawd they're cute!!!!!!

How do you read all those friends?

Well, that's the thing! I can't possibly keep up with everyone, but there are a lot of people on my list now that rarely post and a few that have LJs only to be able to comment, so it's a deceptive list. But even so...I think keeping up with HALF that is reasonable!

That "Kilroy" shot at the end is great. And glad I made the cut, despite being a pretty quiet commenter recently. But your comment about cutting people "I felt I wasn't connecting with, nothing personal" make me laugh, because if you're NOT connecting, then of course there's nothing personal, but you are cutting, which is personal. If you can follow THAT reasoning, you're more awake than I am right now, hehehe.

Well, okay, you have a point, but you know what I meant! It wasn't anything specific they'd done to get cut, it was just I felt there wasn't any real connection between us. :) And of COURSE you made the cut :)

Very cute pictures. Especially the last one; it would make an excellent illustration to a story.

100 friends?! That's insanity. How many hours are there in your day?

Also, not sure if you ever sent me the info about your yard, but I haven't received anything. There's no rush or pressure, of course, I was just wondering. Would hate for it to have been lost in cyberspace and to have you think I'm negelecting you.

Not at all, in fact I've been feeling guilty for not getting around to it. I have your email still as my reminder, but after being sick and then busy all weekend, I'm just a slacker. I promise it will come! Thanks for being so patient :) As for my day, there are supposedly 24 but I think it's a lie.

I'm a bit like you with cutting. I have a few that I really do not read that I ought to cut out. I try and keep my list at a manageable level as I like to interact. I'm happy to see I made the cut (but I guess you are scared of the consequences, eller hur?)

As usual, the kids look adorable. They really are a couple of characters.

As if I'd cut you. I've seen your userpics.

What fantastic pictures :) I love all three of them. You sure have an eye in capturing your kids.

Love the pictues- especially Karin peeking over the edge!

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