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Did some friends list trimming. I always start getting antsy when it gets close to 100. I only cut a few and mostly people I felt I wasn't connecting with for whatever reason. Nothing personal.

Attention Writers!
The deadline for the next issue of Mosaic Minds is rapidly approaching. The theme is Defining Moments but only feature submissions need to follow the theme. Go on, send it in, don't you want to see your name in lights?! :)
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These are all digital pictures right? Karin is going to love that last one so much when she is all grown up. It is making me giddy.

You do have a big list of LJ friends but when I see how much people love to participate in your journal I am not suprised how much you are loved on here with your interesting entries. Sometimes cuts are needed but they are the hardest thing I find.

It IS hard, and I agonize about it for ages before and after, actually. But I don't think I'm being honest with myself either when I keep people on my list that I'm not connecting with, or not reading.

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