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My children were decidedly less adorable this morning. Karin came in crying from the aftereffects of a nightmare at 4:30 a.m. and crawled into bed with us. Which was fine, but an hour later, still in the pre-dawn darkness, we were rudely re-awakened by the swelling strains of a Disney feature presentation at jet-engine volume from the living room where Martin and Karin (who obviously decided that hey! why give the boogeyman a second chance by falling asleep again?!) had decided to camp out to start their day.


Work is crazily wonderfully busy. I love it. I love it so much that I can hardly stand it. I love being one of the first in my department to arrive at the office, and opening my office door (DOOR!) and flicking the lightswitch and looking out the window (WINDOW!!) to see what the flags are doing (zippily flipping? limply hanging? desultorily waving?) and how fast the little wind whirler thingamabob is going. I don't know why it's there or if anyone is actually monitoring it, but right outside my 3rd floor window is a little whirligig with a trio of melon-baller-looking cups that whirl around with the wind. My window faces southwest and I can see the weather that is coming our way from Copenhagen. It's like looking into the future.

I get to work at, give or take a few minutes, 8 o'clock in the morning. I fire up my computer, put my coat and purse away, check email and read my morning comics. Most everyone else gets in half an hour later, and at 9 a.m. some of us head downstairs to grab breakfast. Which is free. Fresh-baked rolls, butter, 2 kinds of cheese, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and red peppers, soft cheese spread. Orange juice. The smell of coffee. On Fridays, in addition to all this, there are sliced coldcuts and liver paté as well. I usually sprinkle a little Aromat on my half roll with butter, cheese and tomato. I'd never had it before I started working here, but now I'm addicted.

Today, the work just kept rolling in. The flow of projects has been steadily increasing since the first month, and so far I've been able to keep it organized and under control. Today I finished revamping a presentation that required creating several schematic illustrations, put together an 8-page product guide, did the layout for a magazine ad, worked on the layout for a 4-page newsletter, created 2 web banner ads, updated the materials for a promotional campaign, and coordinated several printing projects that are being put together for 2 separate events. Tomorrow I have an 8-page newsletter layout to start and a 2-page brochure insert, plus another set of web banners. I LOVE THIS JOB.

My mom sent me a newspaper clipping about the dangers of blogging about work, especially AT work, but to be honest, I don't have a lot of worry that I'll ever end up dooced. I don't write the kinds of things about work that would get me in trouble, and I rarely, if ever, write about the people I work with. I get along with just about everyone anyway, and I pride myself on keeping my journal a fairly clean, public place that I wouldn't be ashamed of ANYONE finding or reading. The few times I ever feel the need to bitch about someone specific are usually aired for my husband's entertainment and that's the end of it.

I have a residual amount of regret for the surfing time I used to spend at my previous job that I no longer have time for, but it's pretty fleeting. I've always claimed I'd rather be busy than bored at work, and I was right. It's another thing on the list of things that make me happy about my job.

A Few Things I Really Miss Sometimes: woolly-bear caterpillars, fireworks in summer, caesar salads on every restaurant menu, my childhood.

In other news, Karin apparently cut the hair of one of her playmates at daycare today...enough to make his mother say Oj! when she saw it. Karin claims Henrik asked her to do it, but she was obviously aware, during questioning, that the intelligence of her decision to go ahead with the request was dicey, so we're not sure we have the whole story. Her continuing barbershop career has been sternly curtailed.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: You Know You're There When...
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It must be a day for little girls and haircuts!

Busy is better than bored, but your day makes me tired just reading about it!

Hee! Funny, I was totally energized when I left work today!

I'm so glad that you are happy at work, especially after the awful time you had last year. I also like to be busy at work as it makes the day whizz by. How wonderful you get breakfast, too. I'd love the place as well!

That was a great piece in the link. I think that almost everyone who lives abroad experiences some degree of culture shock. This period of cultural adjustment involves everything from getting used to the food and language to learning how to use the telephone. No matter how patient and flexible you are, adjusting to a new culture can, at times, be difficult and frustrating. It is easy to get lost, depressed and homesick. It was a really interesting look at the problem.

I'm glad too, and I don't miss that open landscaping ONE BIT. :D I really like Trish's take on expat life as well. After having been through culture shock 3x (coming, going, and coming back again) I can definitely relate. It's rarely the big things that get me, it's the small differences that rear up and surprise. I expect it would be much different if I lived in a culture that was SO different from my own, like that woman in China that she linked to.

I've always claimed I'd rather be busy than bored at work, and I was right

Definitely! I've spent a lot of the last two years or so waiting for projects to come along. People would say: great, you're getting paid for not doing anything! Well, that's fun for about a week, but after that you get incredibly bored and start doubting yourself. Doubting whether you're good enough for the job, since they haven't got any work for you, and doubting whether you'll ever be able to work a full day again.
Well, I've been working long days for the past few weeks and I'm happy to say I can still do it. ;-))

I agree. My last job was feast or famine. Really busy for a couple of weeks and then long stretches of literally NOTHING to do except surf the web. It gets old really fast. Being happy at work is a blessing. I've been pretty lucky in my career. :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

The extra sunshine that we've had the past couple of weeks has certainly helped, too. Mmmm...summer! I can't wait!

Sounds like you have a wonderfully stimulating job, and how right you are, it surely is better to be busy than bored.

Be sure to hide all the scissors in your house, hair cutting can be addictive!

lol on the barbershop thing. I don't suppose that he looked like this, did he?

eek. take away this icon.. lol

Sounds like your workplace is great. They feed you breakfast! Cool.

WE had a few haircutting incidents when my children were small. I also remember my youngest sister giving herself a haircut that my Mom had to even up. Instant gratification.
Kids think about it. They do it. I wonder what society would be like if we could flow to a task that easily. Chaos? Or would we come to balance quite quickly, learning from actual (not made up) consequences?

My little sister decided to cut herself some "wispy bangs" one day when they were all the rage (she was in 6th grade). When they didn't turn out the way she wanted, she simply cut those hairs off at the root. It hadn't occurred to her that, unlike the dolls we used to do this to, her hair would grow back. Her sixth grade school picture shows these little inch long hairs right in the middle of her forehead. ;-)


O! this is just the kind of post i love. I feel like I've just used my elbow to smudge a clear circle through the in the frost etching the window of Santa's workshop and peered in to gauge the Elves' progress or something! I love the details about the whirlygig and the light and the door and your breakfast. This is what blogging is all about! You made my day! and my day was in serious need of a makeover, trust me! And karin is the fifth person I know of today who had nightmares last night including mself and my hubster. and it gets weirder still, because my nightmare? featured YOU! I swear I'm not making this up!! I'm a little hazy on the details, but somehow we were living out this very strange videogame that was based on old Dutch paintings and we were trying to kill this flaming lizards (!) and you had this magic handbag from which you were producing all sorts of weirdness, including a tombstone, a set of medieval flatware with dragon handles, a monkey skeleton and a coffee can overflowing with tulips and we were trying to barter for favours from some really rather dodgy and possibly insane characters in some Old World marketplace filled with rotting vegetables. There's more, but it's all rather hazy now and I don't remeber anything specific. Very, very odd.

xo Wee

p.s. No offense, because you were actually the best part of my dream, but can you please stay out of my dreams tonight? The tulips were great, but the rest of the stuff... well, it was a little much.


O gawd. That's little tale is just rife with errors, but i'm so very very tired. It's been a horrendously long, busy, busy day and like Karin, I woke up at about 4:30 this morning and was afraid to go back to sleep!! Forgive me.

xo Wee

"It's like looking into the future."

where Martin and Karin (who obviously decided that hey! why give the boogeyman a second chance by falling asleep again?!) had decided to camp out to start their day

Well, at least they took a constructive approach to solving the problem. *grin*

Isn't it the most wonderful feeling actually looking forward to going to work?! I do right now too, I love it :)

Go Karin ;)

I could make my lj was publicly readable to people I know IRL but that's where I bitch about them, huhu! :D Seriously though, having an lj with no locked entries, no worries about who's reading it - it's so ideal, I wish I could pull it off.

As for Karin cutting another kid's hair... at least she didn't cut her own! Did she style it too? That's usually extra.

LOL! Well, I saw the kid this morning, and it didn't look any different to me, so hopefully his parents weren't too upset. :D

oh no- she cut his hair?
I can't wait until she can drive!

I CAN!!! haha! EEK

thats so great that you can be one of those happy to go to work every day! most of the people i know hate work and see it as just a way of paying bills :(


You are officially the ONLY person I know who loves her job. Reading your post (which made me very happy for you that you love it so much!) made me realize that I have NEVER felt that on a job...ever. And I've had a LOT of jobs (including a few that other people thought were fun or 'glamorous'). That's why I'm perenially late for work...I always dread going there. ("There" being FILL IN THE BLANK.) You inspire me...always so positive. How DO you do it?! :) ~Marilyn

I don't know. I was born this way. :) I've been REALLY lucky workwise, I have to say. I've had 3 jobs I've absolutely loved, and only 1 that sucked so bad I thought I would die from it.

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