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It's past my bedtime, but I'm determined to at least put a little post in my journal, because I'm anal-retentive that way. Long BUSY day at work, in which much revising was needed and many instances of people saying, "Wait! Did that go to print yet? Can you stop it?!" and then coming back 15 minutes later, after I'd called the printer in a panic, saying, "okay never mind, it's okay to go."

My little lovefest about work is somewhat tempered by the fact that Anders is so unhappy at his right now. I wish there was more I could do, like rub up against him until my positive attitude comes off, but since I HAVE been unhappy at work, I know there is nothing someone else can do except sympathize, offer occasional advice, and listen. Trying to light a "start job-hunting" fire under him doesn't work, like it does for some people...he has to get to that point in his own good time.

I was supposed to have dinner with 2 of my ex-Ericsson colleagues, but one of them cancelled because her father died suddenly yesterday, completely out of the blue, from an aneurysm. It made me sad for the rest of the day. :(

Choir helped, though. I sang all the way home in the car, crooning Carpenters tunes to myself, and John Denver and Marshall Crenshaw and Indigo Girls and something from Godspell.

Leo Buscaglia tells that ancient Egyptians believed that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers would determine whether they could continue their journey in the afterlife. The first question was, "Did you bring joy?" The second was, "Did you find joy?"

I hope that whenever Death gives me a yank, I can answer both of those with a resounding "Yes!"
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Trying to light a "start job-hunting" fire under him doesn't work

I can sympathize with you, on that one -- Fred's of a like nature. I'm trying very hard not to nag him about getting going on the search for a new position (he's not out of work yet, but his division is scheduled to close by June). Sometimes I can feel myself dancing a little close to the line, and I have to sternly remind myself to Back. Off.

So very sorry to hear about your friend's father. It gets harder every year, watching my parents age, and I am constantly aware of the value of making every moment with them count. I know that one day I will be without them, even as I refuse to contemplate life without their wise counsel and gentle encouragement.

I like Leo's comments. :-)

I do the Back. Off. dance quite often, too. :)

It's horrid watching my parents and my older relatives age. The thought of my mom dying is unbearable. :( It's even worse when I think about how little time we get to spend with her these days since we're so far away.

Distance is the worst. My folks lived for about 15 years, and now spend the bulk of the winter, out in Arizona -- it's not as bad as the distance between Sweden and the US, but 2500 miles is still 2500 miles. I finally arranged for flat-rate long distance on my phoneline, to avoid going broke on the toll charges...

Thank god for email!! :)

Oh I like that icon!

Isn't singing just great.

I have a book called "Finding Joy" in which they say the question we'll be asked on death's doorstep is: "Did you enjoy all the permitted pleasures?" (I hope I'm remembering that correctly)
I hope that I too will answer yes to that question.

Sorry to hear that Anders is less than happy. I think many a man needs to come to this type decision in his own good time and careful advise will only feel like nagging. However, he probably wouldn't you rubbing up against him too much. ;P

BTW I like the new icon. Physalis!
I had a bunch of these lovely little orange beauties and put them over the lights on my x-mas tree.

My brother did that too with the japanese lanterns. :) I'll have to try it next year. We got a million of them in our garden, and used them for Halloween party table decorations. :)

"Did you bring joy?"
"Why, yes!"

Because we all know there's a backlog of dirty dishes in the afterlife....

You forgot "May you come again with joy" - though maybe you have to be a man for that one :)

Poor Anders! But as you say he has to come to the realisation himself that he needs to move on. In the meantime all you can do is what you have been doing - offer love, support and a sympathetic ear.

I'm so happy that you love your work. After the last 12 months of anguish, it's time for something positive to happen. Go slay 'em, Liz!

"Trying to light a "start job-hunting" fire under him doesn't work, like it does for some people...he has to get to that point in his own good time."

Story of my married life. Only his own good time is running out of time. He finds a new job by the time #2 is here or he finds himself a stay at home dad. ;-)

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