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I've managed to resist the temptation that is eBay for a very, very long time. Tonight, after bidding on 2 Coach bags and a pair of pants (don't ask, I have no answer) and taking a gander at the many, many pages full of Moorcroft ceramics, DVD box sets, and BOOKS, MY GOD THE BOOKS, and various and sundry other things just calling my name, I managed to use my left hand to forcibly PUSH my mouse hand over to the signout button and press that guy in The Evil Dead whose hand gets possessed and fights him. That scene cracked me up. At least I think it was Evil Dead. Not that I'd ever voluntarily see a movie like that, because I tend to hang on to nightmare scenes and regurgitate them late at night when I'm alone, so no scary movies for me, thanks. In fact, could it possibly have been a parody of The Evil Dead? I know I wouldn't have seen that movie. Hmmm...Does anyone else remember a movie about evil in a cabin out in the woods with a book, and a guy whose hand gets possessed and tries to kill him? What the hell was I talking about?

Oh yes, eBay. The possession theme is probably not a coincidence.

I went back again twice in the space of an hour "just to look." It all starts so innocently.

Cracking Me Up! Eggsellent Pun Wars!
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But Evil Dead (and its sequels) are parodies of themselves you see. :)

They are actually pretty funny, as those kinds go, but I think you must have seen Evil Dead 2, which is a parody of Evil Dead 1. None of them are a match, of course, to the finale in Army of Darkness.

Yep, I'll go back to my nerd corner now.

I think I must only have seen the one scene, because I don't remember anything else from it, and I wouldn't have seen it voluntarily even if it IS a parody. I'm a big wimp.

But if you have to see any of them, it would be Army of Darkness, because it is not at all scary and is indeed really, really funny.

Yep, you're correctly referring to "The Evil Dead" and you also correctly referred to it as a parody ... sorta.

"The Evil Dead" was supposed to be a horror comedy, but it was so poorly done that the entire film was bad to the point of comedy. Those responsible for the film still enjoyed success as the horror-film enthusiasts did not mind a little break from their serious scary films, and money was put into an Evil Dead II, which in turn led into the out-and-out "comedy" known as Army of Darkness. They're all parodies of horror movies and not really scary, though only the last one is really intentionally so... so don't be too afraid to watch them, unless bad taste and poor production quality terrifies you ;)

Thanks!! I don't think I could have (could of, for Ellen! hahaha) seen the whole thing, but I definitely remember how great that particular scene was, and how impressed I was with the guy who acted it. :D

Be very careful. I've lost untold hours of my husband's attention to eBay. Even poverty hasn't stopped him from looking, just buying.

I know! Same with my husband (motorcycle parts, sigh). That's partly why I knew it was a bad idea to even get started.

I have the identical problem with my man as well! I also have to keep him away from the Swedish sites Tradera and Blocket as well. Luckily with ebay, he is a little put off by the thought of custom duties on imported stuff (I really try and scare him with that).

And Liz, you are so fried - I have an hencyclopedic knowledge about eggs!

Anders is a regular Blocket junkie as well. I went through a Blocket period (much like I'm going through a scrambledovereasysunnysideup period now) when I was looking for some furniture. It's definitely addicting!

It all starts so innocently.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

It can be mighty addictive, to the point where I made myself go cold turkey about a year ago. (Tip: when you start buying giant, 3' in diameter, plaster lollipops from Australia, that's a good sign that you've lost control.)

If you have the will-power, though -- or perhaps "won't-power" would be more accurate -- there are marvels beyond description to be had...

giant plaster lollipops?! giant plaster LOLLIPOPS? PLASTER?

Plaster, or a similar substance, painted in acrylic. I had them cut the 6' metal pole off the bottom for shipping, though...

I wish I could tell you I was joking, but no, I actually did. Hence the cold turkey on eBay.

In my defense, I was building a Farscape memorabilia collection, and the lollipops were props used in a "trapped in a virtual reality game" episode. But still. Here's a pic from the episode, that shows them:

(I only bought two of them, not the whole lot, thank god...)

*not laughing, don't want to die*

Oh, go ahead, I laugh at myself for this, too. ;-)

(It makes an interesting conversation starter, at least... *g*)


i have been avoiding eBay too. until recently when i decided to see if any of the books on my To Buy list were up. i bought 6. *innocent smile* having said that, the most i paid for one was about £3, so it's not exactly second mortgage time :)

and yes, i am trying to justify myself ;P

Well, I won one of the purses I bid on last night! WOO! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

it's the slippery slope, i tell you, SLIPPERY SLOPE!


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