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Why is that when you grow up you tend to lose your sense of spontaneity? Does it wither? Or does it curl up and die because it's neglected? Maybe it pines away. I think you have to stroke it, feed it, take it out on the town and surprise it. You have to let it fly and be free. Sometimes you just have to say the hell with it and go a little crazy. Even when you're tired. Even when you had a tough week. Even when you couldn't get a babysitter or you aren't in the mood or you weren't going to do anything.

We called 4 couples on short notice to come over tonight for impromptu dinner and DVDs. Despite having no real barriers to saying yes, none of them could take that step to say what the hell and do it. sigh

So, Karin and I went and rented 4 movies: 2 kid flicks and 2 big-people movies, and we had a lovely dinner of chicken and veggie-wobbles wokked up by Master Chef Anders, and then we piled bowls of chips and dip and candy on the coffee table and watched Shrek 2. After the kids went to bed, Anders and I watched an extremely predictable fluff piece with the noticeably aging but still easy on the eyes Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan. I have Amélie for tomorrow and Karin has Bionicle 2: The Legend of Metra Nui. It has Cinema Masterpiece written all over it, don'cha think?

P.S. $35 bucks for a $200 leather Coach handbag on eBay! Not bad, eh? *slides down the slippery slope*

FABULOUS Birthday Wishes to the FABULOUS Bluepoppy!
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Spontaneity is one of the most beautiful things about being a kid. We do lose it for a great deal as we grow up. I think its because we gain too much wisdom and there is not enough room for spontaneity, that is why approaching life like a kid is not a bad thing :)

Amelie huh? Well everyone loves it *but me* so I guess you will love it too! I don't hate it or anything, it just wasn't my kind of movie. Enjoy your handbag! *grin*

I've actually tried to watch it once, but it was on our old VCR and it flickered through the whole thing...or at least the whole time that I tried to watch it anyway. So I don't feel like I really "saw" it. I figured I had to give it another chance!

Maybe I should do that too :)

[cheesy grin]As an official Amélie representative, you *MUST* both watch it and give it another chance......for me.[/cheesy grin]

Jealous about the bag!! Good purchase!

WE got home last night from the doctor and a reltor was showing our home (to the people who ultimately bought it) so we opted to go out to dinner. Place #1 was busy so we drove to another nearby restaurant and good friends of ours were eating dinner. So we squeezed into their booth and ate with them and had a wonderful time!

I must have been out walking Sophie and missed the call. Oops, you said couples, never mind. We both know my husband doesn't do couples things.

:) I SHOULD have called you!!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

It was UNDERBAR! :) I knew when I tried to watch it the first time that it was my kind of movie, but I couldn't watch for very long with the flickering problem. I just spent a very enjoyable afternoon watching it all the way through. :)


I'm so glad you liked Amelie...I ADORE that movie. I own the DVD...and once in awhile, I'll pop it in and pick a random scene...just to put a smile on my face. The COLOR clever. I love the scene with the waterfall when she's on the bridge...lovely. As for eBay...I think I'm one of the few humans left who's never used their services. (Probably a good thing.) :) ~Marilyn

Sometimes you just have to say the hell with it and go a little crazy.

That's my daily philosophy :)

I don't find Swedish people in general to be very spontaneous and things like "Come over today" frighten the hell out of them. These things must be planned well in advance. It was very different in Australia where we might go on a spontaneous picnic, or come back from a great day out catching crabs and do a ring around to announce an on-the-spot Chilli Crab feast and friends armed with liquid refreshment would turn up for a fun time. It just seems to be a very different society here.

I wished we lived closer. You just KNOW that we'd be over in a flash with our Vegemite in a Biskit for the dip.

I know, I should have called you guys and Carolyn...but you all live so far away! I wish you lived closer too. The bummer was that 3 of the couples I called WERE American (or at least half American). I was sure ONE of them would be up for it, at least.

I used to work for Coach and got a 50% discount. FIFTY PERCENT!! I have so many Coach bags, it's sick. I love them all, though. But man, 35 bucks?!

That's a steal. Which bag did you buy?

A mahogany leather Station Bag. :) I've had the slightly larger Willis Bag for ages, but haven't been kind to it. It's falling apart. I know that you can send it your purse to Coach and they'll repair it either for free or for a reduced price on a replacement if they can't, as I've done that in the past, but this one is really trashed. I also have a little navy blue one that I love, but it's too small nowadays when I have to have a "mommy purse." :)

Congrats on the eBay win! Very good deal, and I hope it's everything that it was advertised to be.

Never seen Amélie, but meant to. How was it?

Also, I note you didn't call us. But you already knew that Calle doesn't do social events. :)

LOL! I knew Calle wouldn't come, and without a car, it makes it much more difficult for you guys to be spontaneous outside of the city limits. Amelie was excellent, I really enjoyed it.

We're known around our friends as the couple most likely to be open to a spur of the moment invitation. Seems to me like a good topic for diplomatic conversations with friends. One reason we lose our spontaneity is our awareness of death, I think. We get stuck in routines because they feel comfortable and in them, we can forget that we're getting closer and closer to the Grim Reaper. Anyway, it's good to have a designated "spontaneous" type friend, one you can count on to be up for a movie night and dinner on short notice. I'd volunteer, but...uh...I'm kinda too far away!

That's a frightfully accurate assessment of it, I'm afraid. I wish you were closer, too! I wish all my friends were closer!

ebay mountaineer

First, thank you for my birthday wishes Lizardek!! You have had such an impact and influence on my world-- I am SO glad we met. *gros bisoux*

Second, ebay is a wily mistress . . . be very careful . . . lock your credit cards away and don't go there without a fixed amount you are willing to spend . .. but good deals ARE there!! Congrats on the Coach bag. Yum. ~bluepoppy

Not bad, eh? *slides down the slippery slope*

::waves pictures of giant lollipops from the bottom of said slope::

(But congrats on the very cool purchase!)


LOL! *scrambles for a foothold only partway down*

Spontaneity is such a very important thing to me that I try to make space for it when I'm awfully scheduled up. For instance, when I have a tight weekly schedule going, I refuse to make plans or appointments on Wednesdays. It becomes the space for me to go with the flow of whatever comes up, and I don't mean doing the laundry.

I love it when a friend calls with a spontaneous plan. With Cyan so busy and Jill in Hawaii, it doesn't happen all that often these days. I guess they are my spontaneous friends. Everybody else is so booked up.
Cyan says he has his German days, meaning planned, scheduled, with certain intent for accomplishment. And then he has his Italian days, meaning spontaneous, go with the flow, not on any schedule.

Wish I were close. I would have come.

And I LOVE "Amalie"

I wish you were closer, too. I would have called you in a hot second. :)

Ah, shucks

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