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Why is that when you grow up you tend to lose your sense of spontaneity? Does it wither? Or does it curl up and die because it's neglected? Maybe it pines away. I think you have to stroke it, feed it, take it out on the town and surprise it. You have to let it fly and be free. Sometimes you just have to say the hell with it and go a little crazy. Even when you're tired. Even when you had a tough week. Even when you couldn't get a babysitter or you aren't in the mood or you weren't going to do anything.

We called 4 couples on short notice to come over tonight for impromptu dinner and DVDs. Despite having no real barriers to saying yes, none of them could take that step to say what the hell and do it. sigh

So, Karin and I went and rented 4 movies: 2 kid flicks and 2 big-people movies, and we had a lovely dinner of chicken and veggie-wobbles wokked up by Master Chef Anders, and then we piled bowls of chips and dip and candy on the coffee table and watched Shrek 2. After the kids went to bed, Anders and I watched an extremely predictable fluff piece with the noticeably aging but still easy on the eyes Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan. I have Amélie for tomorrow and Karin has Bionicle 2: The Legend of Metra Nui. It has Cinema Masterpiece written all over it, don'cha think?

P.S. $35 bucks for a $200 leather Coach handbag on eBay! Not bad, eh? *slides down the slippery slope*

FABULOUS Birthday Wishes to the FABULOUS Bluepoppy!
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LOL! I knew Calle wouldn't come, and without a car, it makes it much more difficult for you guys to be spontaneous outside of the city limits. Amelie was excellent, I really enjoyed it.

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