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Was this taken from your home?! If so, LOVELY! It looks like 'the country'...not where I was picturing you at all. :) ~Marilyn

It's the view from the laundry room window of our backyard and the far, across the ditch. It's actually 2 photos put together.

So would this be a bad time to mention that it's going to be in the fifties here today? ;)

no, actually. We're enjoying it. We haven't had any snow to speak of, except for a dusting on Christmas Eve, all winter. Anders and the kids are building a snowman right now.

Wow. Where is this in proximity to your home?
We had sunshine yesterday :-)

It's the view from my laundry room window of our backyard and the farm across the ditch. :)

What a great view!

that is pretty :))

Not a damn flake here. Mild, plus degrees and sunny today. Let's hope it's heading east.

I do declare you're snow obsessed like me, although I do enjoy the hot sunny weather down here too. But I remember in Vienna just craving snow and I miss it so much :)

I think it's strictly novelty value for me. It's so magical. Snow is forecast overnight, so I'm waiting anxiously for it.

It's probably on it's way, although I don't know what way it was going. Anders said the wind was supposed to turn last night and start coming from the north. It's still snowing today. :)

We have 15 feet of pure white snow today (well, maybe a mild exaggeration...)

Loving it!

It was snowing sideways here, too, but I didn't take a picture.

It's been snowing here sideways (that is, if I understand sideways properly heh, almost horizontal?:)). We have a really bad northwestern storm with huge windgusts.. bleh!

Same strom hit us here in Småland & yes it was snowing sideways too.
Would that be the kids playhouse?

It is. ;) It's 2 photos I put together. There's much more snow now. It snowed all day and night and it's still snowing!

Here it is, February, with a foot of snow in my own backyard -- and yet, this picture makes me feel all Christmasy. Maybe it's the color palette, suggesting Santa's outfit? Whatever the reason, it's a nice feeling -- and a great photo. ;-)

I'll have to take another one today. We got dumped on, and it's still snowing. This was actually 2 photos I put together. :)

This is a very different view of your yard than you have posted on your website. I had the impression that everything was new and didn't expect this bucolic view. Quaint.

Everything IS new...for our yard and our whole neighborhood (which is in front of the house). This view is the backyard and the farm that is behind us, across the ditch. :)

Sigh! What a peaceful view. Lovely!

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