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The feeling of complete helplessness as I sat in the passenger seat and the car slid faster than I thought was fair, considering how slow we had been going, toward the extremely steep drop-off at the edge of the traffic circle was more than overwhelming. My life didn't exactly flash before my eyes, but I did see the overturned car lying at the bottom of the hill with my children screaming in the backseat, while my hands clenched in my lap and Anders struggled to turn us out of the slide.

We ended up swinging around in a circle and came to rest facing backwards with our front bumper up on the center of the circle median, safely away from the edge. I sat still and breathed shallowly for several seconds. Anders slowly backed the car up and turned us around. None of us said a word. I think Karin slept through the whole thing, and Martin hadn't understood what had just happened.

Anders drove slowly off up the road, the headlights illuminated the heavy, whirling snow, and after a few minutes during which I struggled with an incipient panic attack, I asked him to please slow down even more to a complete crawl until I was able to breathe normally. *shudder*

Once, when cap_killer and I were driving from Michigan to Chicago (or possibly the other way), we ran into a terrible snowstorm with slippery road conditions as we went around the "horn," the bottom of Lake Michigan. At one point, on the highway, we also went into a tailspin, hitting a patch of ice, and slid around in a circle to end up with the front end of our car in the path of the oncoming traffic that had been behind us seconds earlier...sitting in shocked silence as a huge truck roared past us, literally inches away.

It snowed all day yesterday and most of the night. The temperature was hovering around zero but the snow was so heavy and so wet that a lot of it was melting immediately. It was so beautiful, coating the branches and trunks of the trees, turning them into crystal negative images of themselves. White fairy fingers of branches bowed to the ground with the weight of the snow.

Today it is turning to slush, leaving soggy grey footprints with every step taken, a gray-white day with an unsettling similarity to the sky and the ground. You don't know where things begin and end when the world is coated white.

We now have a greeter at the door, stylish in his fir branch cape and antlers, waving his hockey stick hands at the bemused passers-by:
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Oh Liz! That must have been terrifying for you. I've managed to slide the car once when I first came here. Despite studded winter tyres and driving really slowly, I got on ice at a bend and the car slid across the road. I was shaken for a long time afterwards. I hope you are feeling better now.

We have a snow covered paradise here with heavy, constant snow coming down all day. Very pretty (from the comfort of my centrally heated apartment, that is).

Very cute snowman.

thanks. It was pretty awful when it was happening and right afterwards. I'm okay today :)

How scary for you! Glad nothing bad happened!

Me, too. Thanks :)

Going into a skid like that is so scary! Glad you guys made it through unscathed. It snowed like hell here! I woke up to the sideways snow you talked about the other day! I can't decide if I'm happy about it or not. I was just getting that spring feeling and now it's all winter again.

I know what you mean. My first thought, even though I love snow, was, "so much for spring!" Why do we always forget that it's Jan/Feb when the snow DOES come?!

yikes! im glad you guys are ok! sometimes we become very aware of how vulnerable we are in our seemingly safe vehicles.

its still snowing like crazy up here :)

I know! There's a tendency to think we're invulnerable in the car, when nothing could be further from the truth.

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It was awful while it was happening and right afterwards. I'm okay today. Thanks, dear. :)

Wow (there it is again, wow I mean)
That must have been really scary. I slid the car into a ditch onetime when I lived in southern Oregon. It was a cold icy snowy day. That was scary enough in itself and I didn't have the kids in the car, nor was there a steep drop off. Amazing how quickly life's possibilities can seem to change!
Let's count our blessings of aliveness every day!!

*counts and counts and counts* :)

Oh my! I am so relieved that you are all ok. It is the most stomach dropping feeling when you go into a slide like that. I hope you are just relaxing and letting yourself get over the fright today. *hugs*

Today was the most relaxed of relaxing days, ever. :) thanks :)

I'm so happy to hear you all are OK.

Me, too. Thanks :)

I once did a circle and a half, facing back into oncoming traffic, during a snowstorm in New Mexico. It's incredibly how SLLLOOOOOOWWWW things start going during something like that, isn't it? It's good the kids weren't aware, no sense getting them worked up, I'm sure you were worked up enough for the whole family, but I'm glad you all are safe. Hear half of your area is paralyzed by the snow again. You'd think this was New Mexico instead of Sweden, the way part of the country falls apart with a little snow.

Actually, down here people are pretty good about the snow. I can remember thinking people in the States were complete idiots every time it snowed, they acted as if they'd never seen it before.

I'm so relieved that you're all safe. Don't you hate that moment when time slows right down and you can hear your heartbeat in your ears and everything is noticeable in infinite detail. I hate that.... especially when you know what the outcome could have been.

Yay for snowmen! :) I've only ever made one in my life and that was when I was 6. Maybe we'll get enough snow someday in the UK to make a proper one.

*tight hug* Again, I'm so glad you're all okay.

thank you. I'm glad we are, too. :)

I'm *so* glad that everyone is all right!

I was driving across the Oregon Cascades once with a friend and the exact same thing happened. I wasn't even going that fast, people were passing me. I hit a patch of black ice and as we began to slide in a slow moving spin towards the drop off on the right, all I could think to do was to turn to my friend and say, "I'm sorry." I really thought we were going to die.

It's such a horrid, awful feeling in the pit of your stomach.

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I held my breath during that entire story.

The kiwi eyes are classic.

It was awful while it was happening, but I'm okay today. :)

The kiwi eyes crack me up. They have built-in pupils!


Not the kind of post your Mother wants to read!!! But I do know that you and Anders are careful I really don't worry. Maybe it was all those times of your having to practice spins on the ice in a parking lot with your Dad while you were learning to drive! :) If I remember correctly you really hated that! On a more fun note- I loved the snowman tell the kids they did a great job- the kiwi eyes are a very creative touch!! Love,Lizardmom

I know! Sorry!! Sarah called me after reading it. :) We are both careful drivers and both experienced and pretty good about driving in snow and icy conditions. We had made it about half an hour through this when we slid. The way home was much better, on plowed and salted highway. The fact that in Sweden you have to take ice-driving lessons in order to get your driver's license is also an excellent thing, I think.

His nose is the end of a cucumber, but I have no idea what Martin used to make the mouth :)

Very scary. I have a vivid memory of driving through a terrible storm when I was about 7. We were on a turnpike, so there were no exits off the road. To this day driving in foul weather is one of my worst fears. Glad you made it home safely.

Thanks. I have vertigo, so the feeling of being about to fall and looking over an edge isn't a pleasant one for me either. :(

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Yes, egad and yikesamighty sum it up very well. Also, yea!

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